RG Group announces distribution and integration partnership with AutoGuide Mobile Robots.

York, Pa. - Rich Freeh, President and CEO of RG Group, headquartered in York, PA, announced the agreement with a leading supplier of high payload autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). AutoGuide robots are used to improve operational workflows by organizations of all sizes - across a broad spectrum of industries.

AutoGuide's advanced autonomous mobile tuggers and forklifts offer easy deployment, improved safety and increased efficiency for industrial and warehouse material handling. Their uniquely modular products are not manufactured as a retrofit kit to an existing piece of equipment, but instead as a standalone platform. Working without limiting infrastructure, a SurePath guidance system deploys vehicles without using magnetic tape or RFID tags. With the highest speed in the industry, certain models travel up to 4 miles per hour while the non-contact collision avoidance system keeps it safe for their human counterparts.

Rich Freeh, President and CEO of RG Group, commented, "The addition of AutoGuide Mobile Robots provides a significant new product category to expand our service offerings to both manufacturing and distribution/logistic market segments. The AutoGuide AMR will add a heavy payload capacity to fill out our expanding Industrial Automation business segment. We are excited to announce AutoGuide is joining RGIA so we can continue to offer our customer base the premier global brands available today for automation solutions."

Patrick R. Gross, VP of Automation and Robotics said, "RG Group has been successfully implementing Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Technology transporting up to1000kg payloads in our respective markets for three years. With the addition of AutoGuide as a partner we will be able to help customers with much heavier payload requirements who are looking to reduce fork truck traffic in their facilities. AutoGuide is already being adopted by some of the largest logistics and automotive organizations in North America. This is a sign to us that we have picked the right long-term partner for our business. AutoGuide has committed to releasing new products in the very near term that will solve big customer challenges, such as automated truck loading and unloading. We are very excited about this new technology and the new partnership."

About RG Group: RG Group, a group of distribution and manufacturing companies has been providing leadership in the design and delivery of innovative motion control and fluid handling products and solutions for over 60 years. RG Group operates under a very simple core concept: "We Keep Business in Motion". The company goal is to provide its customers with a sustainable competitive advantage through the creative application of technology in the automation, hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical and process markets.

RG Group's headquarters is located in York, PA, with stores, branches and distribution service areas on the East Coast including PA, NY, NJ, DE, MD, WV, VA, ME, VT, NH, MA, OH, RI and CT.

For additional information, visit www.rg-group.com or contact info@rg-group.com.

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