New Scale Robotics Gains Certified System Integrator Status from Universal Robots

Trusted UR+ partner to sell and deploy UR cobots with the New Scale Q-Span® Workstation Kits

April 9, 2021- New Scale Robotics is now a Certified System Integrator (CSI) for Universal Robots (UR). This enables New Scale to sell and deploy UR collaborative robots with its Q-Span® Workstation Kits for small part measurement.

The Q-Span Workstation Kit is a UR+ Certified Application Kit, designed and manufactured by New Scale Robotics to work with the Universal Robots e-Series collaborative robots (cobots). It automates the tedious process of manually measuring small parts for quality control and recording the data for statistical analysis.

CSI status allows New Scale to offer the convenience of one-stop shopping to its customers in high-mix, small-batch manufacturing. New Scale Robotics CEO David Henderson notes that his company is not a "traditional" CSI, in that ongoing consulting is not needed to use a Q-Span Workstation Kit.
"The Q-Span Workstation Kit is a do-it-yourself metrology solution that customers can easily deploy and redeploy, without ongoing CSI assistance," Henderson said. "On the other hand, companies who want to deploy faster or get help with customization, such as integrating air gages, linear probes or other third-party tools, can leverage our expertise in metrology and UR cobots to do that. Either way, in delivering the kit and robot, we set customers up for success and give them the tools they need to run with it on their own as their production mix changes."

Certification of confidence
"New Scale Robotics has been part of the UR+ ecosystem since 2018, and we are pleased to strengthen our partnership," said Silas Neale, Channel Development Manager of Universal Robots. "Certified System Integrator status demonstrates our confidence in their knowledge of UR cobots and the URCaps platform, and their ability to optimize system performance and deliver value and service to the customer."

Universal Robots is a market leader in collaborative robots and a driving force in their rapid acceptance in manufacturing operations. The Q-Span Workstation Kit is the first UR+ Application Kit that allows cobots to automate QC measurement, improving quality and gage R&R while increasing throughput and capacity.

The Q-Span Workstation Kit includes robotic grippers, robotic calipers, sample programs, sample parts and accessories, and a versatile workstation cart that moves easily about the facility. With a UR cobot, it operates alongside employees and fits into existing workflows. Because it is cobot-based, it delivers the advantages of flexible automation without the costs of fixed industrial robots.

About New Scale Robotics
New Scale Robotics makes do-it-yourself (DIY) automation tools for small part inspection. Our Q-Span® Workstation Kits combine robotic part handling, measurements using digital calipers and other instruments, and automated data logging. They improve efficiency, capacity, and real-time reporting of quality departments. Based on flexible and teachable collaborative robots, Q-Span Kits are agile solutions that fit into existing workflows. They help quality teams reduce errors, increase throughput, and better utilize skilled labor in small-batch, high-mix manufacturing. Easy to deploy without specialized training, they deliver return on investment (ROI) in less than ten months.

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