Evaluating An Automated Screw Driving System Application For your Manufacturing Assembly Automation Line

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Evaluating An Automated Screw Driving System Application For your Manufacturing Assembly Automation Line

Incorporating an automated screw driving system is a great way to upgrade your manufacturing operations. The main advantage is its potential to boost production volume and the company's bottomline.

However, not all automated screw driving applications are created equal. They range from basic screwdrivers to those with multiple functionalities, such as models that integrate screw feeding and fastening functions in the same device.

In order to secure the best solution, it is essential that you start by assessing your need for an automated screw driving application followed by the features to look for in an automated screw driving application.

What benefits are you looking to achieve through automation?

There are several answers to this question.

Need for speed. Handling larger production volumes. Reliability and quality consistencies.

Your specific requirements will determine which will be the best equipment for you. The main question is whether it will be used to supplement manual labour or to replace an operator.

In case of the former, a single spindle screw driving system should be enough. However, for the latter, you might need a standalone unit with a self-fed driver. The next important consideration would be whether you want it in a fixed location or need it to be more mobile. Finally, if you are handling a variety of fasteners, you may need a multiple spindle screw driving mechanism.

What is the fastening method used?

There are two ways fastening is completed with an automated screw driving mechanism.

The first is the pick and drive method. This method is a slightly longer cycle. The screw driving arm first moves to the screw feeder. There it sorts and picks the screws of the required dimensions before then returning back to the destination where it must be fastened.

The second method involved is the blow feed mechanism. Blow feeding has an advantage over the pick and drive method because of its speed. In this method, you can feed while you drive. A custom made nest helps isolate parts from the feeder and transfer them via extruded tubes to the required destination for fastening. Not just this, the screws are aligned in the desired orientation before transportation.

The type of fastening mechanism you need will also depend on factors such as the dimensions of the screw, especially the ratio of the length of the screw to the diameter of the head. An experienced dealer of automated screw driving systems will help you pick the right fastener.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, the cycle time becomes an important consideration too. The amount of time it will take depends on the type of the axis being used, that is the pneumatic axis or the servo axis. The former takes more time while the latter allows you to shave off a second from the cycle time.

You also need to evaluate the torque requirement for its dictates the size of the motor. If the torque and motor are not matched well, it could lead to the motor being overworked.

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