Veo Robotics To Exhibit FreeMove® 3D Safeguarding System for Human-Robot Collaboration at Automate 2022

Enables cage-free human interaction with industrial robots so manufacturers can improve flexibility without sacrificing reach, speed, or payloads

Veo Robotics, the industrial automation company that created FreeMove®, a comprehensive 3D safeguarding system for industrial robots that powers dynamic human-robot collaboration, will be exhibiting FreeMove in booth #2718 at Automate 2022 taking place June 6-9, 2022 at the Huntington Place Convention Center in Detroit, Michigan.

FreeMove, allows high-performance industrial robots to work collaboratively with people, enabling much more flexible, productive, and efficient manufacturing workcells. Unlike other safeguarding measures, Veo's safeguarding approach allows humans to operate side-by-side with industrial robots. FreeMove gives human workers the ability to walk into a workcell while capturing and monitoring their presence, preventing unsafe conditions.

Within its booth exhibit, Veo will provide live demonstrations of how FreeMove uses dynamic speed and separation monitoring to automatically trigger a robot to stop as human co-workers move closer to the robot during operation. This enables employees on facility floors to get close enough to make adjustments, move parts, or perform any other necessary action. Then, once they've moved to a safe distance away from the robot, it automatically resumes its task.

"We're thrilled the largest robotics and automation show in North America is back after a two-year absence and excited to demonstrate our latest innovations with 3D speed and separation monitoring for human-robot collaboration," said Patrick Toner, Director of Product Marketing at Veo Robotics. "As manufacturers have been challenged by the pandemic, supply chain constraints, and labor shortages over the last few years, they've only increased the number and use of industrial robots within their facilities. FreeMove is the only product currently available with the safety design needed to now unlock the true power of human-robot collaboration on their facility floors."

FreeMove has been certified for compliance from TÜV Rheinland with ISO 13849 for PLd, Category 3. It enables human-robot collaboration with industrial robots rather than Power and Force Limited (PFL) robots, which means manufacturers don't have to sacrifice reach, speed, or payloads.

Veo's Patrick Toner will also be presenting a session at the show titled "Enabling Dynamic, Flexible Human-Robot Collaboration with Speed and Separation Monitoring: A Look at Real Applications". The talk, which will take place on Thursday, June 9 at 1:30 p.m. ET, will give insight into the specific applications Veo's FreeMove enables and lessons learned on next-generation human-robot collaboration technology during workcell design and implementation.

Automate 2022 attendees can see FreeMove enable cage-free industrial robot interaction at booth #2718 and set up a meeting by contacting Veo before the conference.

About Veo Robotics

Veo Robotics is an industrial automation company building comprehensive sensing and intelligence for robots to collaborate with humans safely. It is the creator of FreeMove®, a comprehensive 3D safeguarding system for industrial robots that powers dynamic human-robot interactions. FreeMove enables fluid, efficient, and flexible production lines. Veo currently partners with the world's four major robot manufacturers FANUC, Yaskawa, ABB, and Kuka. To learn more, please visit

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