Delta Line adds 3-Stage Option to GP42-S and GP56-T Planetary Gearboxes

Delta Line is proud to announce an additional option to their popular GP42-S and GP56-T planetary gearboxes. Both of these gearboxes are now available with a 3-Stage option.

Planetary gearboxes have the advantage of being compact with high efficiency, low backlash and provide a high torque-to-weight ratio, especially when compared to other types of gearboxes. The Delta Line portfolio of high-performance planetary gearboxes are robust; they are designed to sustain intermittent or sudden load changes and are ideally suited for precise positioning applications. The addition of the 3-stage option to the GP42-S and GP56-T gearboxes provides versatility that allows engineers to take control of design tradeoffs. Delta Line has become widely known for their product flexibility which extends throughout their motor, controller/drive, gearbox and actuator catalog.

The GP42-S gearbox is 42mm in diameter and the high-load GP56-T gearbox has a diameter of 56mm. The length of the gearbox is 70.6 mm and 86 mm, respectively. Within the 3 Stage option, each frame size has two reduction ratios to select from:

- GP42-S available with 96:1 or 241:1 reduction ratio
- GP56-T available with 101:1 or 256:1 reduction ratio

The Delta Line planetary gearboxes are ideal for that application that requires accuracy, efficiency, endurance and low backlash. Both the GP42-S and GP56-T are now available with 1, 2 and 3 stages.

The mission of Delta Line is to provide the industry's most agile, flexible and personal service in motion systems. Delta Line provides a wide range of application support, including but not limited to: firmware, software and mechanical compatibility. Customers seek out Delta Line's competency for both new applications and existing applications where the availability or cost of legacy systems has become prohibitive. The wide range of products in the Delta Line catalog include motors, controllers, integrated motors, linear actuators, gearboxes, encoders and more.

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