Online Beauty Retailer flaconi Chooses GreyOrange Omnichannel Fulfillment Solutions for Increased Productivity

---GreyOrange's GreyMatter fulfillment orchestration platform and Ranger Assist robots to scale flaconi's warehouse operations---

GreyOrange Inc., a leader in AI-driven fulfillment automation, has been selected by flaconi, one of Germany's leading e-retailers for beauty and perfume, to improve overall warehouse operations for faster, more efficient distribution to its customers.

flaconi is leveraging GreyOrange's GreyMatter™ fulfillment orchestration platform in combination with a fleet of 70 GreyOrange Ranger™ Assist robots to meet customer demand. Utilizing the Robots as a Service (RaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) model, based on demand, flaconi now has peak season flexibility for the warehouse. With GreyOrange's RaaS and SaaS solutions, flaconi can fulfill orders quickly by leveraging dynamic zoning, hybrid picking, and GreyMatter's balanced distribution of work to the robots according to fulfillment needs.

"Our ability to quickly pivot to an increased number of bots for peak season provides flaconi with a sound fulfillment plan that we know will meet our needs of shipping our beauty products to our customers on time," said Kurt-Alexander Westphal, Team Lead Operations Excellence, flaconi. "As we continue to scale, we look forward to expanding our use of the GreyOrange Ranger Assist robots. This tried-and-true automation deployment empowers us to improve the daily operations of our teams, as they are now able to move less weight manually and focus on more productive and strategic tasks. Our automated warehouse operations provide us with great flexibility and the ability to scale."

Because GreyMatter is well-configured for varying SKUs, from very small to large, and including fragile products, flaconi selected GreyOrange for its fulfillment needs. The GreyMatter platform also enables flaconi to scale while leveraging multiple types of technologies, all controlled by a single platform.

"We are not only committed to meeting the needs of customers like flaconi today, we are a strategic partner for when they scale in the future," said Akash Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO, GreyOrange. "Our goal is to provide customers with the best hardware and software to create competitive advantages to meet and exceed their end-customers' expectations. Our team provides global support to our customers every step of the way."

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Leah R. H. Robinson, APR

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