Horizon Robotics Announces Mass Production Plan for SuperDrive™ AD Solution

Groundbreaking solution delivers smooth, human-like autonomous driving experience across all scenarios

With the automotive industry rapidly embracing autonomous driving, the sector is increasingly deploying Navigation on Autopilot (NOA) solutions for use on highways, while urban NOA remains in its early stages. Addressing this evolving landscape, Horizon Robotics, a leading provider of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) solutions for passenger vehicles, recently announced its mass production plan for the Company's SuperDrive™ AD solution. Horizon SuperDrive introduces a new industry standard, offering smooth and human-like autonomous driving in urban, highway and parking scenarios, with the aim to provide safer, more convenient, and enjoyable travel experiences to consumers.

Horizon SuperDrive is on track to forge collaborations with several leading automotive brands and Tier-1 suppliers in the second quarter of 2024. By the fourth quarter of 2024, the company aims to finalize a mass-production-ready version, with the first SuperDrive-powered vehicle scheduled to roll off the production line by the third quarter of 2025.

Leveraging Horizon's signature software and hardware co-optimization capabilities, SuperDrive achieves seamless autonomous driving capabilities comparable to those of a mature and experienced human driver. It navigates complex and challenging traffic and road environments, with a smooth driving style and human-like interactions with road participants.

For example, at a bustling intersection filled with vehicles, scooters, and pedestrians, vehicles empowered by Horizon SuperDrive can "observe" the entire environment, select the optimal moment to make a left turn, and maneuver safely around oncoming traffic while courteously yielding to pedestrians and non-motor vehicles. In the event of encountering a car accident ahead, instead of abruptly stopping, SuperDrive-empowered vehicles gently slow down, assess the situation, and adjust speed or change lanes at the optimal moment. This mirrors the decision-making of an experienced driver, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey.

Horizon SuperDrive serves as a reliable means of accurately replicating the objective physical world and effectively addresses industry challenges such as high latency, extensive rule sets, and heavy loads in perception architecture. It significantly advances the commercialization of smart driving systems, paving the way for widespread, cost-effective adoption and mass production.

"Our integrated software and hardware strategy focusing on autonomous driving has fueled our business growth and garnered widespread industry recognition, allowing us to accumulate extensive experience in mass production engineering." Dr. Yu Kai, Founder and CEO of Horizon Robotics said, "Leveraging Horizon SuperDrive and our collaborative efforts with industry partners, our goal is to accelerate the deployment of ADAS and AD solutions, steering the industry towards a future in which smart driving is accessible to all."

Alongside Horizon Mono™ and Horizon Pilot™ assisted driving solutions, the release of Horizon SuperDrive solidifies the Company's position as a leading provider with a comprehensive portfolio of ADAS and AD solutions, covering from mainstream driving assistance to advanced level autonomous driving.

Horizon Robotics' commitment to exploring autonomous driving solutions at all levels reflects the company's vision of empowering every passenger vehicle with its ADAS and AD solutions. The company is actively collaborating with industry partners with the aim to deliver a safer and more comfortable driving experiences.

About Horizon Robotics
Horizon Robotics is a leading provider of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) solutions for passenger vehicles, empowered by its proprietary software and hardware technologies. Its solutions combine cutting-edge algorithms, purpose-built software and state-of-the-art processing hardware, providing the core technologies for assisted and autonomous driving that enhance the safety and experience of drivers and passengers.

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