PPS Launches its New Catalog of “Off-the-Shelf” Tactile Pressure Sensors

PPS’ new catalog of Off-the-Shelf Sensors lets customers purchase tactile pressure sensor solutions at compelling prices with short lead times

Los Angeles, CA - Pressure Profile Systems (PPS) today launches its new catalog of Off-the-Shelf Sensors: two collections of previously designed and produced sensor systems. The new catalog includes the TactArray and DigiTacts lines of sensors.

PPS sensors were developed for measuring tactile pressure distribution. TactArray sensors feature high resolution and can provide more than one thousand sensing elements, offering industry leading performance and reliability. DigiTacts are PPS' most versatile digital output sensor product line with embedded electronics and wireless capability.

"The new catalog of Off-the-Shelf Sensor systems lets our customers quickly identify and purchase sensor configurations to match their application requirements in a much shorter amount of time and at lower costs than developing a new custom solution," states Founder and CEO Jae Son, Ph.D.
Off-the-Shelf TactArray Systems include:
• One TactArray Sensor of chosen design
• T4000 signal conditioning electronics
• ChameleonTVR software for real-time visualization and data acquisition
• High-resolution USB webcam
Off-the-Shelf DigiTacts Systems include:
• Two DigiTacts sensors of chosen design
• Rechargeable D600 electronics interface module for USB or Bluetooth connectivity
• ChameleonTVR software for real-time visualization and data acquisition
• High-resolution USB webcam
Both systems offer:
• Wide selection of array and element sizes, spatial resolution and pressure ranges
• Two-weeks lead time
• Significant savings compared to new custom developed systems.

View the online catalog for TactArray: http://www.pressureprofile.com/products-tactarray-off-the-shelf-sensors-collection.php
View the online catalog for DigiTacts: http://www.pressureprofile.com/products-digitacts

About Pressure Profile Systems

Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. (PPS) is a leading tactile pressure sensor company that has successfully created products and implemented measurement and instrumentation solutions in the fields of Manufacturing Processes, Medical Devices, Consumer Electronics, and Robotics. Founded in 1996 by Harvard University Robotics Lab alumni and based in Los Angeles, California, PPS' mission is to improve, innovate, and create new products utilizing capacitive pressure sensing technology. What sets PPS apart from other sensor companies is our expertise in hardware and software development and system integrations. For more information, please visit www.pressureprofile.com or contact Huan Tran at 310.641.8100.

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