MossRehab First in the U.S. to Offer Therapeutic Use of ReWalk Device

In a groundbreaking move, MossRehab, one of the nations leading rehabilitation centers, will be the first facility in the country to offer ReWalk™ – I, an institutional version of ReWalk™, the only motorized exoskeleton that is approved by the FDA to be used in a rehabilitation setting under the supervision of healthcare professionals.

n a groundbreaking move, MossRehab, one of the nation's leading rehabilitation centers, will be the first facility in the country to offer ReWalk ™ - I, an institutional version of ReWalk™, the only motorized exoskeleton that is approved by the FDA to be used in a rehabilitation setting under the supervision of healthcare professionals. Patients with paralysis below the waist resulting from a spinal cord injury will be able to participate in gait training using ReWalk. The therapeutic use of ReWalk, also called ReWalking, involves physical therapists training patients to use the device to stand, sit, walk, and in some cases climb and descend stairs.

This next stage in ReWalk's evolution follows the successful clinical trials to determine its safety, efficacy and user satisfaction completed at MossRehab. With its international reputation for clinical rehabilitation and research programs, MossRehab was the exclusive clinical trial site in the United States for ReWalk; the trials will conclude in August 2011. The clinical information and experience gained from the trials cleared the way for this next exciting phase to begin, allowing many patients to benefit from this technological advancement.

ReWalk is a lightweight, ergonomic brace-support suit that is worn around the legs and back and fits closely to the body on top of everyday clothing. The device has motorized hip and knee joints, rechargeable batteries, sensors and a computer-based patient-operated control system. Concurrent use of fore-arm crutches stabilizes the user during standing and walking and through simple, subtle body movements, the user can initiate and control movements for walking.

Therapeutic use of ReWalk - I, will be available initially to individuals with spinal cord injuries below T6 level who have none of the following: significant joint deformities, severe spasticity, back instability, unhealed fractures or pressure sores. Patients are required to have a recent DEXA scan for measurement of bone density and recent evaluation and prescription for ReWalk therapy from a rehabilitation physician who can certify that the patient is safe to stand.

According to Alberto Esquenazi, MD, Chair of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at MossRehab who has led the clinical trials for ReWalk and has been instrumental in developing the device, "Even though there isn't scientific proof yet, research subjects in the trials have reported reduction in spasticity, reduction in pain, improved cardiopulmonary fitness and improvement in bladder and bowel management. We are thrilled to be the first institution in the country to offer this revolutionary therapy to help improve the health and well-being of people with paraplegia."

ReWalking will be available beginning in late August. Three board-certified rehabilitation specialists in spinal cord injury are available at MossRehab's Outpatient Center in Elkins Park, Pa., to evaluate patients interested in the program. There will be ten physical therapists specially trained to work with and supervise patients using the therapy. Most insurances will cover the therapy as part of a course of physical therapy. The frequency and duration of treatment will be based on patient tolerance and progress and medical need. Physical therapy is scheduled Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with each session lasting approximately one hour.

"This is a historic moment," says Amit Goffer, PhD, founder of Argo Medical Technologies Ltd., the Israeli company that developed ReWalk. "For more than 2,000 years, the wheelchair has been the only mobility solution offered to patients with paralysis below the waist, and now at MossRehab, the dream of walking again is becoming a reality for them."

For more information on gait training using ReWalk at MossRehab's Outpatient Center, call 215-663-6354 or 1-800-CALL MOSS.

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Argo Medical Technologies Ltd., develops and markets walk restoration devices for people with lower limb disabilities; the company's flagship product is ReWalk. Located in Haifa, Israel, with decades of combined experience in R&D, engineering and manufacturing of multidisciplinary systems, Argo also boasts staff with extensive experience in worldwide marketing, sales and business development. The company is assisted by an Advisory Board of renowned international experts in the fields of medicine, biomedical engineering, robotics and marketing.

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