Aerotech Announces the Release of its Automation Control Solutions Brochure Highlighting Their Complete Line of Motion Controllers and Software

Aerotech announces the release of its Automation Control Solutions brochure highlighting their complete lines of high-performance motion controllers and software

Aerotech, a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance motion control and positioning systems, announces the release of its Automation Control Solutions brochure. The brochure highlights the company's complete range of motion control products including high-performance automation controllers, software, drives, and linear and rotary motors. The Automation Control Solutions brochure uses an intuitive presentation style with actual screen shots, clear graphics, bullet points, and application examples that demonstrate how its advanced motion controls, software tools, drives, and motors provide real and measurable automation benefits including faster production throughput, reduced development time, and significantly improved final product quality.

The new brochure compares the features of its three motion controller platforms: the PC based Automation A3200 for multi-axis motion control; the stand-alone, single-axis Soloist; and the stand-alone, multi-axis Ensemble. Each controller benefits from a scalable and common software platform that makes configuration, set-up, diagnostics, program development, and data acquisition quick and easy.

The Automation Control Solutions brochure also includes detailed sections on the networking capabilities of each controller, comprehensive controller comparison charts, controller and drive technology overviews, and information on custom systems.

Aerotech manufactures motion control systems providing the highest accuracy and throughput, starting with their best-in-class motion components that are the foundation of each Aerotech motion control system. With a history of delivering the lowest cost of ownership and the best return on investment, it's no wonder that the company has led the motion control industry for over 40 years.
When customers visit the website they will find motion control solutions to fit most any requirement. The Aerotech product line includes precision linear and rotary positioning mechanics, linear and PWM drives, linear motors, rotary motors, and more. Customers can access complete product descriptions, 2D and 3D downloadable CAD drawings, manuals, and can request a product quote on the site.
About Aerotech

Since 1970, Aerotech has designed and manufactured high performance motion control and positioning systems. Aerotech's motion control systems provide customers in industry, government, science, and research institutions around the world with optimum performance for semiconductor and flat panel, photovoltaic, nanopositioning, photonics, automotive, medical device and life sciences, laser processing, military/aerospace, electronic manufacturing, data storage, and other demanding applications requiring high precision, high throughput motion solutions.

For more information on Aerotech's motion control and automation solutions, please contact:
Simon Smith
European Director of Sales and Marketing
Aerotech Ltd
Jupiter House
Calleva Park

Featured Product

BLE2 Series Brushless Motor & Driver

BLE2 Series Brushless Motor & Driver

The BLE2 Series replaces our popular BLE Series and continues our brushless motor advantages by featuring an all new compact, high-power and high-efficiency brushless DC motor combined with a Driver that can be digitally set and controlled via external DC voltage or by the front panel. The BLE2 Series can easily compete with larger 3-phase inverter driven motors in many more applications, with built-in simple holding torque function, saving space and increasing performance thanks to the advantages of a brushless motor design. The BLE2 Series has a maximum speed of 4000 r/min, achieving a speed ratio of 1:50 (80 to 4000 r/min). The new motor structure is small than previous models and enables high power and high efficiency while incorporating easy setting, installation and wiring. The new motor connector offers IP66 degree of protection and allows for easy and direct connection between motor and driver with two available orientation of cable outlet direction. Standardized use of stain