Nanomotion's Miniature Micropositioning Rotary Stage

Nanomotion's new FBR60 piezo-electric miniature rotary stage is now from available from Heason Technology.

Nanomotion's new FBR60 piezo-electric miniature rotary stage is now from available from Heason Technology.

Providing an exceptionally compact footprint and low profile for precision motorised rotary positioning, the stage has a 60 mm diameter rotating element and overall height of just 35 mm and features a high-stiffness cross roller bearing construction, twin piezo-electric motors that provide zero backlash direct-drive, and an integral non-contact optical encoder with micropositioning resolution options of 5 or 0.5 arc-sec.

Available in standard, vacuum and UHV versions, the FBR60 has an overall accuracy of 10 arc-sec with speeds to 360 degrees/sec and direct load capacity to 5 kg. A central through aperture may used for underside cable or services entry for user devices, which are conveniently mounted on the rotating platen via a matrix of M2.5 threaded holes. The stage may be used independently or as a part of a multi-axis positioning set-up with Nanomotion's FB series linear and goniometric stages allowing nanometre level translation for all six degrees of freedom.

Nanomotion's ceramic motor technology has no intrinsic magnetic field or moving parts and is well suited to ultra-clean and vacuum environments such as those found in semiconductor, biomedical and photonics automation systems. Ceramic motors feature an inherent braking and holding capability and are well proven where high dynamic performance motion control calls for fast settling times and optimum in-position stability.

Nanomotion's HR series high force ceramic motors are used throughout the FB range. A complete range of dedicated 20 kHz servo drives are also available from Nanomotion, and Heason also offers other compatible drives together with a complete range of motion controllers for nano scale linear and rotary positioning.

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