U.S. Pavilion in Hall 5 Will House Industrial Subcontractors and Job Shops

Hannover, Germany and Princeton, N.J. - December 5, 2011 - Boeing\'s new Dreamliner is a potent symbol of the present worldwide trend towards the adoption of lightweight construction technologies. The use of lighter than steel carbon fiber composites in aircraft construction can cut fuel costs by up to 20 percent compared with current aircrafts of this size. But the appeal of lightweight construction technologies is by no means confined to the aviation industry. From April 23 to 27, 2012 intelligent materials and sustainable technologies will be the focus for the entire manufacturing industry at Industrial Supply, the leading platform for Industrial Subcontracting and Lightweight Construction within the HANNOVER MESSE 2012 trade show. Leaders in the subcontracting business will be presenting their latest product developments in industrial materials to a vast audience attending HANNOVER MESSE.

\"For many years now new materials have formed the basis for innovative products at Industrial Supply. Carbon fiber composites are an excellent example of this. In the subcontracting market they have long been seen as a key driver of innovation. Subcontractors are specialists who set the pace of industrial progress - and Industrial Supply affords the perfect platform for this by bringing together all the right elements in one place: an international audience, expert know-how and the right mix of different branches of industry\", says Arno Reich, Project Manager for Industrial Supply at Deutsche Messe AG.

Spread over Halls 3 to 6 and featuring a series of theme parks, as well as lecture and discussion forums, Industrial Supply is an ideal showcase for the subcontracting industry and a platform for discussing and exploring the entire industrial supply chain. For instance in Hall 5, U.S. industrial subcontractors and job shops will be showcasing their products and services in the U.S. pavilion. U.S. exhibitors, who have already secured booth space at Industrial Supply 2012 include Smalley Steel Ring, Connecticut Coining, Braxton Manufacturing and National Bronze Metal

\"With a total of nine theme parks Industrial Supply is broadening its scope next year. This reflects the diversity and range of the subcontracting industry, and its inexhaustible capacity for innovation,\" says Reich.

A new theme to be highlighted at Industrial Supply 2012 is adhesive technology. The \"Theme Park Adhesive Technology\" is being staged for the first time with the support of several high-profile backers, including Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM. Adhesive bonding systems are among the most sophisticated fastening technologies available to modern industry. In mechanical and transport engineering, as well as energy engineering, fastening technologies are required to perform to ever more demanding standards. Adhesive bonding systems are particularly suitable for energy-efficient lightweight construction solutions because they can exploit the full capabilities of the materials used in terms of their strength and stability. At the Materials Forum \"Intelligent Lightweight Construction\" hosted by Industrial Supply there will be a whole day devoted to coverage of fastening technologies. The aim of this themed day is to present industrial bonding systems as an innovative alternative to conventional fastening technologies.
In 2012, Industrial Supply will be expanding its coverage of a key focus topic - the more efficient and eco-friendly use of materials and resources. This reflects the fact that subcontractors across the world who supply product innovations to manufacturing industry worldwide are now thinking and acting in terms of ecological imperatives, as well as economic aspects. Materials and Technology Know-how - Development, Design & Processes - Parts, Components & Systems: these three display categories contain most of the exhibits at Industrial Supply.

\"There are massively talented businesses working in all three areas. Last year\'s show demonstrated once again how remarkably broad the range of expertise is in today\'s subcontracting industry," says Reich.
Also the development of intelligent green technologies and the manufacturing of efficient products have become vital benchmarks for businesses that want to remain sustainable and successful. The overarching theme of HANNOVER MESSE 2012 - \"greentelligence\" - puts the development of eco-friendly products and processes, and hence green technologies, center stage and picks up on the trend that is shaping the future of modern industry.
The exhibitors at next year\'s HANNOVER MESSE will be demonstrating that only the intelligent combination of efficient processes, eco-friendly materials and sustainable products coming off the industrial production line can keep businesses competitive in today\'s fast-evolving international markets. \"greentelligence\" will be a visible presence at all eight trade fairs in the HANNOVER MESSE line-up. With the expansion of its existing coverage of the more efficient use of materials and resources, Industrial Supply is investing heavily in the promotion of \"greentelligence\".

The firms that supply the world\'s manufacturing industry signed up to the idea of sustainability many years ago and the result of the work that goes on in the R&D departments of industrial subcontractors is a product that is both highly innovative in design and conception, and more efficient in use.
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The world's leading showcase for industrial technology is staged annually in Hannover, Germany. The next HANNOVER MESSE will be held from April 23 to April 27, 2012, with China to be featured as its official Partner Country. Eight flagship fairs are taking place under the umbrella of HANNOVER MESSE 2012: Industrial Automation - Energy - MobiliTec - Digital Factory - Industrial Supply - CoilTechnica - IndustrialGreenTec - Research & Technology. In 2012 the spotlight will be on industrial automation, energy technology, industrial subcontracting and related services as well as R&D.

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Hannover Fairs is a subsidiary of Hannover, Germany-based Deutsche Messe AG, one of the world's top trade fair organizers and exhibition centers with a worldwide workforce of 850 employees in more than 100 countries and a highly versatile, state-of-the-art exhibition center. To discuss exhibiting at Industrial Supply please contact Ulli Hammer at (609) 987-1202.

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