GstarCAD 2012's Unique Functions Speed up Design Work

GstarCAD 2012 unveils its unique functions including Boolean operations on polylines, exporting tables to Excel spreadsheets, and incrementing copied text etc. to minimize repetitive tasks, and greatly improve the efficiency of GstarCAD 2012 customers.

Beijing, China: December 7, 2011 - GstarCAD, a leading 2D/3D design software provider, today provided additional information on a group of unique plug-ins being implemented in the upcoming release of GstarCAD 2012. These include Boolean operations on polylines, exporting tables to Excel spreadsheets, and incrementing copied text. These and other new commands are called upon by designers working in industries such as AEC (architecture, engineering, construction), mechanical design, and manufacturing processes. The set of unique functions distinguish GstarCAD 2012 from other CAD systems, and highlight its design-oriented feature set.

Boolean Operations on Polylines

The Polyline Boolean plug-in conducts Boolean operations -- Subtract, Union, and Intersect -- directly upon closed ploylines. Unlike the Trim command or Boolean operations applied to regions, the operation of Polyline Boolean is simpler to carry out, because users don't need to perform complicated selections, or convert polylines into regions, or join resulting segments with PEdit command. The operation maintains polylines as polylines, which is very convenient for further editing.

Incremental Text Copying

By using GstarCAD 2012's Incremental Copy Text plug-in, drafters can copy text while increasing a specified letter or number automatically in alphabetical or in numerical order. The increment value can be specified by users. Customers will find this function useful in a wide range of applications, such as automatic numbering of electrical connectors in industrial designs.

Exporting CAD Tables to Excel Spreadsheets

The CAD Table to Excel Table Conversion plug-in exports existing tables from GstarCAD drawings directly into Microsoft's Office Excel. The function allows users to customize table styles, such as specifying double-line, dashed line, diagonals, or polylines. By eliminating tedious work by hand, this plug-in provides a more convenient way to collect information from drawings (especially old ones) and to generate documents, like bills of material, using the powerful functions found in Excel.

These unique functions are offered only in GstarCAD 2012, and provide a practical and flexible approach to design and drawing. They minimize repetitive tasks, greatly improving the efficiency of GstarCAD 2012 customers.

Beta Availability

The pre-release English version of GstarCAD2012 Pro is available now as a 30-day trial, and can be downloaded free from Gstarsoft anticipates shipping GstarCAD 2012 in December 25th, 2011.

About GstarCAD

GstarCAD is fast, powerful, .dwg-compatible CAD software for the AEC, mechanical, manufacturing, electrical, GIS, civil, survey and mapping industries. The world-class 2D/3D CAD software platform is based on IntelliCAD technology.
GstarCAD's powerful functions, .dwg-compatibility, and programming platform are built on a cost-effective solution with an easy-to-use user interface. Gstarsoft ensures that your design inspirations come true.

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