Phase 1 Technology Corp. to Distribute SRI Sarnoff Video Stabilization Products

Phase 1 Technology Corp. has been selected by SRI Sarnoff as a distributor of its Acadia® ILS-6000™ hardware series of real-time, in-line video stabilizers.

Deer Park, NY April 30, 2012

Phase 1 Technology Corp. has been selected by SRI Sarnoff as a distributor of its Acadia® ILS-6000™ hardware series of real-time, in-line video stabilizers.

"Having represented the world's leading manufacturers of cameras and vision technologies for more than twenty-five years, we are pleased to now offer our customers SRI Sarnoff's Acadia ILS series of high-performance video stabilization products," said Rusty Ponce de Leon, President of Phase 1 Technology Corp. "Our customers have come to rely not only on the quality of the products we offer but on the innovations that allow them to advance the way they do business."

The Acadia ILS-6000 series provides a new level of clear video capture previously limited to controlled environments. Surveillance images that are typically blurry or shaky due to long-range capture, moving vehicles or machinery, inclement weather conditions, or other factors that impact image stability, are refined in real-time. This solution turns unstable video into usable data that generates clear, actionable information.

"Phase1 will play an important role in providing products and consultation to SRI Sarnoff's expanding customer base," said Mike Melle, Acadia product director at SRI Sarnoff. "There is a strong synergy in the products we offer and the markets we serve, from robotics and unmanned systems to high performance camera systems."

Phase 1 Technology customers can choose the ILS-6000 configuration that best meets their application needs-the rugged ILS-6000 for outdoor and vehicle-mounted installations, the low-profile ILS-6100 printed circuit board for OEM integration, and the rack-mounted ILS-6200 for four- or eight-channel analog camera systems. These products are designed for use with analog cameras in many surveillance applications, including commercial enterprises, local municipalities, transportation and port authorities, border patrols, energy companies, and more.

To learn more about the Acadia ILS-6000 video stabilization products available from Phase 1 Technology Corp., please visit or call 1-800-747-8651.

About Phase 1 Technology Corp.
Phase 1 Technology Corp. is one of the vision industry's leading and oldest premiere distributors of machine vision and industrial cameras, cables, filters, frame grabbers, lenses, lighting, software, and integrated solutions. As of 2012, Phase 1 Technology began distributing high performance video stabilization products by Sarnoff Corporation (SRI International). Established in 1986, Phase 1 Technology Corp. has been serving the world's leading OEMs, laboratories, end-users, universities, government, and military since the dawn of the vision industry. Founder & President, Rusty Ponce de Leon, continues to lead the company's growth. Visit or call 1-800-747-8651 for information about products and solutions.

About SRI International

Silicon Valley-based SRI International, a nonprofit research and development organization, performs sponsored R&D for governments, businesses, and foundations. SRI brings its innovations to the market- place through technology licensing, new products, and spin-off ventures. SRI is known for world-changing innovations in computing, health and pharmaceuticals, chemistry and materials, sensing, energy, education, national defense, and more.

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