Gamma Two Robotics Announces Product Launch of Vigilus Security Robot

The "Vigilus MCS" will debut at the American Society for Industrial Security's annual conference and trade show, September 10, in Philadelphia, PA

DENVER, Aug. 2, 2012-- Gamma Two Robotics announces the upcoming product launch of its autonomous robot, the Vigilus™ Mobile Camera System. The "Vigilus MCS" will debut at the American Society for Industrial Security's annual conference and trade show, September 10, in Philadelphia, PA. (

"The theme of this year's conference, "Driving Security's Future", nicely coincides with our product launch of the first truly autonomous security robot. We are certain that our robot, a real force-multiplier, is an important part of the patrol-and-report security landscape in the 21st century" said Pam Gheysar, Director of Marketing. She continued, "Our first product is the result of detailed market analysis to identify the customer's needs. This was followed by intellectual insight, technological advances, and thousands of hours of hard work by a team dedicated to bringing the dream of our founders to fruition."

"One of the keys to successfully creating an autonomous machine is designing it that way from the ground up" said CTO Dr. Jim Gunderson. "Another is perseverance" added CEO and co-inventor Dr. Louise Gunderson. She continued, "Autonomy is hard; I believe that's one of the reasons we have not seen truly autonomous products to date." The Gundersons have been developing their Cybernetic Brain™ for four years. The Cybernetic Brain is the key to the robot's autonomy, allowing it to operate safely in dynamic, human-centric environments, while being unconstrained enough to perform useful functions without direction or monitoring.

The Vigilus Mobile Camera System works with a Command Console Interface that will allow Security Officers to view the robot movements in real-time, as well as interrupt routine patrols to direct the robot to an area of concern. This is especially useful when facilities employ remote monitoring, often paired with static camera placement. A command sent through the CCI or facility radio is in "plain English" making the robot simple to use, but it is still a sophisticated, high-tech device. The entire package will sell for less than an entry-level 'patrol and report' security officer's fully burdened annual salary.

"Making the robot functional, and easy to implement was a priority. It also has to be reliable, able to patrol at least 8 hours without a break. It needs to seamlessly integrate with the security team, matching expectations of a person employed to do similar tasks. Additionally, it needs to be affordable. We feel that our target price will make the purchasing decision easier. And when it comes to whether we are "taking jobs away" I can tell you that's just not true. Every week approximately 2000 patrol and report (overnight) shifts are not staffed, or are staffed by officers working a second shift, or working ill when they should be staying home" said Dr. Jim Gunderson. "Our potential customers are feeling the pinch, and looking for a reliable, affordable solution, and they see it in our robot. That's why we're hearing 'how soon can I get one?' which of course is music to our ears!"

The concept model, pictured in this document, has guided the design of the end product which will be unveiled September 10th at ASIS 2012. "The path from prototype to product is challenging, but using local designers and manufacturers has connected us with our community, sometimes in ways we could not imagine. When we have had to look outside Colorado we have stayed in the US; this is an American made product" said Pam Gheysar. "That's a source of pride for us, only secondary to the pride we feel knowing we have created a product that solves real-world problems."

For more information about Gamma Two Robotics, the team, or the robots, visit our press page at or contact Pam Gheysar, Director of Marketing, via email at or phone at 303-778-7400/303-330-7423 (cell).

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