ISR Group and Altavian Team for Future UAS Operations

The Exclusive Agreement Will Offer Public Agencies Cost-Effective Solutions

SAVANNAH, Tenn.--ISR Group, Inc. and Altavian, Inc., two leaders in the unmanned vehicle systems industry, have signed an exclusive agreement for ISR Group to provide worldwide marketing, operations, and maintenance services to support Altavian's Nova unmanned aircraft system. This agreement further advances unmanned aircraft technology into the realm of commercial application, and will allow for further development into the industry, particularly within the public sector.

Within the last few years, U.S. government organizations such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) have rapidly increased their use of unmanned systems. These systems provide actionable, on-the-ground information to help cost-effectively maintain vital national infrastructure and manage vast natural resources, among other applications. The Nova UAS is routinely deployed stateside for the USACE Jacksonville District to support the Invasive Species Program, Everglades Restoration Program, Construction Monitoring, and the Regulatory Program.

As the government's needs for high-resolution imagery and accurate geospatial data increases, it relies on industry leaders such as ISR Group and Altavian to bridge the gap between government requirements and the technology and expertise to fulfill these requirements. This cooperation will particularly benefit the Nova UAS platform as it starts its in-theater testing with USACE operations in Afghanistan.

"A part of ISR Group's mission is to fill the gaps in unmanned technology requirements for government and commercial entities," said ISR Group founder and CEO Mr. Alfred Lumpkin. "Our extensive expertise in supporting cutting edge technologies for unmanned systems and our proven capabilities will add value to the deployment of the Nova platform."

Altavian founder and CEO Mr. John Perry added, "This agreement brings together Altavian's advanced technology with ISR Group's proven operational capabilities, providing public agencies with a turnkey solution for deploying unmanned aircraft on demand and on budget never before available."

ISR Group is an industry leader in unmanned aerial vehicles, ground robotics, and underwater inspection and recovery services. Altavian is an emerging enterprise focusing on collecting high precision geospatial data for engineering and scientific purposes through its exceptional unmanned aircraft systems. Together ISR Group's full-service maintenance, training, and technical capabilities and Altavian's innovative Nova unmanned aircraft system will be able to provide unmatched support for domestic and international operations.

About ISR Group, Inc.

ISR Group is a veteran-owned small business located in Savannah, Tenn. and provides Technical Services, Training Systems, Logistics and Depot Maintenance, and Range Services for the development and deployment of aerial, ground, maritime, and near space Unmanned Vehicle Systems. ISR Group is registered with the U.S. Department of State's Office of Defense Trades Controls Compliance as a Manufacturer and Exporter of defense articles and/or defense services. ISR Group is fully compliant with all requirements established by the Arms Export Controls Act and International Traffic in Arms Regulations. More information can be found at

About Altavian, Inc.

Altavian Inc. is an unmanned aircraft solutions company that specializes in data acquisition tools for scientific and engineering applications. Altavian delivers cost-effective, reliable end-to-end solutions that save lives, time and money. Its mission is to utilize unmanned aircraft systems to solve client's real-world data collection challenges and deliver customized results to meet clients' specific needs and applications. For all aspects of data acquisition, Altavian provides turnkey solutions including unmanned aircraft systems, field support and data processing. To learn more about Altavian, visit

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