Jenoptik Shows its Laser Machine for 3Dimensional Metal Cutting at IMTS 2012

JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM - maneuverable, precise and fast.

JENA, GERMANY and BRIGHTON, MI, - Jenoptik unveils JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM and demonstrates its latest technology breakthrough in laser metal processing at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) between September 10 and 15, 2012 in booth N-6569 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

Jenoptik engineered JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM to overcome the challenges associated with very big size as well inflexible performance of today's laser machines, especially in highly automated environments. During the initial design of JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM, Jenoptik not only took these requirements into consideration but also was able to achieve a total lower cost of ownership as well as to increase the parts per hour and thus exceed the industry standard for robot-based laser machines.

"We are excited to demonstrate our robot-based 3D metal cutting laser machine, JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM," says Christon Manzella, Vice President Business Development and Strategies at JENOPTIK Laser Technologies in North America. "Smartly engineered, JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM provides industrial manufacturers a highly flexible, fast processing and cost-effective laser machine solution that carries several advantages over standard laser machines."

JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM's laser robot arm is unique in that the optical fiber is located only in the stationary robot shoulder and the laser beam path is totally integrated. During the cutting process the laser light is guided by means of mirrors inside the robot arm. Due to the immobility of the laser fiber, its condition is preserved, which eliminates any costly maintenance and replacement of the fiber. The slim and only five kilograms light laser cutting head also contributes to the accessibility into tight locations, high path accuracies and high speed 3D metal processing. Therefore both features allow reducing the collision probability during the process. With the repeatability of ±100 µm, Jenoptik's laser machine is one of the most accurate on the market.

The axis movements of the Jenoptik's laser robot arm are 30 to 60 percent quicker then the norm and deliver a much shorter tact time compared to conventional metal processing laser robots.

JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM components are maintained as one platform comprising the robot, laser, electrical cabinet and a rotating table that allows for more manoeuvrable operations and continuous cutting. Additionally, JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM can be moved easily via a fork lift, set up quickly - optimizing the user's machine installation time.

Among the top manufacturing segments to leverage JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM is the automotive industry. This is evident from JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM's highly sophisticated and precise ability to cut within seconds 3D car body components, structural parts or hydro formed tubes for exhaust systems. Fabricators can also greatly benefit from its dynamic ability to facilitate laser cutting of contours and functional holes of so called white goods, tanks and reservoirs. Other possible applications on the JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM are 3D laser cutting of thin metal pieces, sophisticated profiles, e.g. of the extraction system or an exhausted air system. Whether cutting thin metal pieces or sophisticated designs, JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM delivers high cutting quality and consistency.

The live performance of the robot arm, the core part of the laser machine JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM can be seen at IMTS, booth N-6569. For more detailed information, please visit:

Metal Processing with Jenoptik's Fiber Laser JenLas® fiber cw 1000.

Also showcased at IMTS is Jenoptik's laser source JenLas® fiber cw 1000, which is a highly brilliant single-mode high power fiber laser system, featuring excellent power stability and long lifetime. JenLas® fiber cw 1000 ensures fast processing and consistently high productivity in the respective applications. This laser system is a continuous wave laser with an output power of 1,000 Watts.

Compared to the other laser sources such as CO2 lasers, fiber lasers are more energy-efficient and thus, more cost-effective especially in such industrial applications as metal cutting and welding. "Fiber lasers are already available on the market within a large variety of power ranges. However, we are dedicated to our customers by providing them with optimal support from our Lasers & Material Processing division to ensure successful applications," says Dr. Thomas Fehn, Executive Vice President of the Jenoptik Lasers & Material Processing division. He adds: "Jenoptik's know-how in the fields of diode lasers, fiber laser pump sources, laser sources and processing optics establishes a unique environment for creating substantial customer value. Our in-depth knowledge on all those technical stages combined with our extensive experience with the application itself enables our customers to seamlessly integrate Jenoptik's highly intuitive fiber lasers into the respective systems. With a strong and growing US presence, Jenoptik's worldwide service network provides a key competitive advantage for our customers."

Optimized for use within customers' laser processing systems, the OEM laser source comes in 19 inch housing and includes the operating software. The device safety lock that is made of certified components ensures operational safety. The laser has several user interfaces such as RS232, EtherCAT, USB port or and a parallel customer-specific interface.

About the Jenoptik Lasers & Material Processing division

The Lasers & Material Processing division has control of the entire value-added chain of laser material processing and it is one of the leading providers - from component through to complete system. In the area of laser, Jenoptik has specialized in high-quality semiconductor materials and reliable diode lasers as well as innovative solid-state lasers, for example disk and fiber lasers. In the area of high-power diode lasers Jenoptik is acknowledged worldwide as a leader in quality for high-power diode lasers. These laser sources are used, among other things, in the areas of laser material processing, medical technology and show & entertainment. In the area of laser processing systems we develop systems that are integrated into production facilities for our customers as part of their process optimization and automation. These systems enable our customers to work with plastics, metals, glass and thin-film solar cells with maximum efficiency, precision and safety.

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