SMi's 12th Annual UAS 2012 Conference Takes Place in 3 Weeks

The UK's leading UAS event will continue to explore the growth and development of the international Unmanned Aerial System market.

London 4 October 2012

UAS 2012 will take place in London on the 24th and 25th October 2012. This insightful event will bring together a line-up of leading military officials and industry experts exploring the growth and development of the international Unmanned Aerial System market and seeks to further identify and establish the transition of UAS into Commercial and Civilian markets.

High level presentations and case studies will look at the procurement of various UAV platforms by the US and European militaries whilst anlaysing emerging markets worldwide. The conference will go above and beyond a review of developments of Unmanned Aerial Systems by reviewing tactical feedback and addressing issues such as UAS hijacking.

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Key Military Speakers include:

*Dr. Bill Powers, US Marine Corps

*Major Lawrence B. Green II, US Marine Corps

*Major Andrea Esposito, NATO

*Captain Caden Stiles, Canadian Forces

*Lieutenant Colonel Frits Muller, Royal Netherlands Army

*Lieutenant Colonel Pieter Mink, Royal Netherlands Army

*Commander Vincent Chevalier, French Navy

*Major James Palmer, Royal Artillery

*Lieutenant Colonel Zoltán Ozoli - Hungarian National Transportation Agency

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