Edson Packaging Machinery Showcases at Pack Expo 2012 an Integrated End-of-Line Packaging System - Case Packer, Robotic Palletizer, Stretch Wrapper, and Conveyor

The-state-of-the-art end-of-line integrated system is loaded with new innovations and technology from Edson, Currie by Brenton, Orion, and Shuttleworth. (Edson Pack Expo Booth #760)

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada October 18, 2012

Edson Packaging Machinery, powered by Pro Mach, will showcase at Pack Expo, McCormick Place in Chicago, a fully-integrated state-of-the-art end-of-line (EOL) packaging system. This integrated system demonstrates the benefits of working with a Pro Mach business such as Edson - one purchase order for multiple-vendor systems, less overall risk related to multi-vendor systems, and faster trouble-free start up. This EOL system can be used to package everything from pharmaceuticals to household items to facial tissue to food (Edson Pack Expo 2012 Booth #760).

"Edson is celebrating its 50th Anniversary and the company decided to show Pack Expo attendees a different side of Edson - it's multi-vendor integration capabilities and the value of those capabilities," said Gary Evans, vice president and general manager, Edson. "The integrated solution at Pack Expo demonstrates new technology and customer driven innovations that provide end-users with faster and more assured start up, reduced downtime, increased productivity, and admirable ROI. These are the types of benefits customers are looking for as they strive to stay competitive in this ever changing world."

Edson's EOL system at Pack Expo features the company's SR3550sa case packer, a Currie by Brenton robotic palletizing system; Orion's FA-ST stretch wrapper, and a Shuttleworth product handling conveyor solution. Pro Mach businesses actively share operational and customer support best practices within the larger organization and these businesses are adept in the techniques of integrating multi-vendor systems.

The integrated EOL system

Edson's SR3550sa case packer features a servo-cassette slip-sheet collating system and is rated at speeds up to 22 cpm. Edson's Servo Adjust™ feature facilitates product changeover in 10 minutes or less. Operators of any experience level will find changeover a snap. With one touch of a button, key axes of motion adjust within 90 seconds to the required package configurations. Another effective changeover tool is Edson's Inteletül™, a new, intelligent change parts system that communicates the number of cycles of use, maintenance recommendations, operator logs, and product identification through the use of intelligent RFID tags.

The case packer features an energy monitoring system by Festo as well as Festo's compact SBOC-M vision system. Vision inspection and energy monitoring, which is designed to create overall lower energy consumption, are two vitally important technologies and each is available as customer options.

Currie by Brenton's robotic palletizer includes Category III safety features such as a framed guard door package. The palletizing cell starts with a Fanuc robotic arm that picks up cases via a Brenton designed end-of-arm tool. The pallet is built directly on the wrapper process conveyor to minimize footprint.

Orion's FA-ST stretch wrapper reduces film cost with every load by pre-stretching film up to 300 percent prior to wrapping. The turntable is driven by a chain and sprocket system that provides for the precise movement of the turntable. This configuration makes the stretch wrapper extremely easy to maintain and service. The unit can carry a maximum weight of 4,000 pounds and features powered chain driven rollers propelling loads at up to 30 feet-per-minute. The Orion FA-ST stretch wrapper utilizes the powerful MicroLogix 1400 PLC from Allen Bradley.

Shuttleworth's Slip-Torque® technology gently accumulates products and packaging between EOL processes. The company's modular conveyor technology, versatility, and flexibility create one of the most reconfigurable product handling systems available today. Shuttleworth automated product handling conveyor solutions will accumulate, position, orient, flip, stack, rotate, reject, push, divert, or index products between manufacturing processes.

For more information on Edson products and the benefits of integrated EOL systems, including Edson's SR3550sa case packer, Currie by Brenton's Robotic Palletizer, Orion's FA-ST stretch wrapper, and Shuttleworth integrated product handling solutions, call Edson at 905-385-3201 and visit http://www.Edson.com. Be sure to stop by the Edson Booth #760 at Pack Expo to see the integrated EOL system.

About Edson

Edson, based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, manufactures robust, high-performance case and tray packaging systems. Edson has long-standing customer relationships with food, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and tissue converting companies that require innovative, high speed horizontal case packing, material handling, and top load robotic solutions. http://www.Edson.com.

About Pro Mach

Pro Mach, Cincinnati, Ohio, is a leading provider of integrated packaging products and solutions for food, beverage, household goods, pharmaceutical, and other diverse consumer and industrial companies. Through three business units and related divisions, Pro Mach provides equipment, training, installation, and parts in primary packaging, end-of-line packaging, and identification and tracking. http://www.ProMachInc.com

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