Themis Introduces NanoSWITCH Small Form Factor Network Device

The NanoSWITCH device also compliments Themis NanoPak™, NanoATR™, and 3U VPX small form factor computer systems.

FREMONT, Calif.--Themis Computer, today announced the NanoSWITCH™ small form factor network device. The NanoSWITCH device is targeted at a variety of ruggedized, distributed architecture, networked applications including oil and gas exploration and production, commercial and military airborne and ground vehicle integration, and command and control. The NanoSWITCH device is adaptable to changing business requirements by providing configuration flexibility, support for converged network patterns, and automation of intelligent network services configurations. Optimized for high-density Gigabit Ethernet deployments, the device includes a diverse range of interfaces that meet access, aggregation, or small-network backbone-connectivity requirements. The NanoSWITCH device also compliments Themis NanoPak™, NanoATR™, and 3U VPX small form factor computer systems.

The NanoSWITCH device provides ten Gigabit Ethernet ports that can operate at reduced rates of 10 and 100 Mbits and supports managed L2 and L3 functions. The NanoSWITCH device also includes a packet-processing engine along with a TCAM based policy function for secure ingress egress access control. The NanoSWITCH device supports sophisticated IPV4 and IPV6 routing and tunneling, and the latest L2 and L3 VPN services following IETF (VRF, RFC2547), IEEE (802.1ad, 802.1ag) and DSL Forum standards (Q-in-Q), including OAM support for IEEE and RTU extensions.

NanoSWITCH utilizes sophisticated traffic policies including metering, counting, statistics, scheduling and shaping for optimizing QoS for converged data, voice and video traffic. The switch supports sFlow, IPFix and remote port analysis for network traffic monitoring and management. Management of the switch is accomplished through a serial port or through an Ethernet port.

In addition to the switch function, the NanoSWITCH device includes an optional X86 single-board computer (SBC) that can be installed to configure the NanoSWITCH to provide gateway functionality between MIL-STD-1553, CAN 2.0, USB and RS-232 buses and the Gigabit Ethernet backbone. The SBC can also function as a distributed architecture system manager for devices connected to the switch and can be accessed through either a serial port or an included monitor/keyboard/mouse connector. Firewall software may be hosted on the SBC. The NanoSWITCH device is packaged in a compact, 7in x 10in x 1.5in water resistant aluminum enclosure. All port functions are accessed via standard sealed circular-MIL miniature connectors, available from multiple suppliers. Caps and retention lanyards are optionally available, but are not required for moisture sealing.

"Themis designs small form factor systems for rugged environments including unmanned vehicles, ground vehicles, man-wearable, shipboard and other environments, where space, weight, power and cost are critical," stated William Kehret, president of Themis Computer. "We embrace these challenges and are committed to providing the highest-performance, lowest power computing platforms in the smallest form factors achievable, for the relevant ergonomic footprint."


*Single Core Intel® Atom® or Dual Core AMD® Fusion® Processor with 80 Core GPU/GPGPU

*64 GB SSD

*Dimensions: 250 mm (L) X 160 mm (W) X 36 mm (H)

*Weight: 1.23 Kg (2.7 lbs)

*Ten 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet Ports

*Single 10/1000/1000Base-T Gateway/Firewall Ethernet Port

*Dual Redundant MIL-STD-1553 Data Bus Port

*Dual Isolated CAN 2.0 Data Bus Ports

*Management Access via Serial or Ethernet Port

*SXGA / WUXGA Monitor Port

*Two USB 2.0 Ports

Environmental Resiliency

*Operating Temperature: -40° C to +71° C

*Small Lightweight Aluminum Enclosure

*Sealed Circular-MIL Connectors

*Water Resistant IP67 Compliant

*Shock Resilience up to 50G@ 25 msec

Power Input

*10V to 36V DC

Military Specifications

*MIL-STD-810G (Shock, Vibration, Humidity, Salt Fog, Fungus)


NanoSWITCH Pricing and Availability

The NanoSWITCH Small Form Factor Network Device is now available, please contact Themis for additional information, including configuration options and pricing.

Themis Exhibits at IOA 2012

A range of Themis product solutions, including the NanoSWITCH, will be on display at the Interoperable Open Architecture (IOA) Conference from October 29 to 31st in London, UK. Other product demonstrations include the Themis NanoPAK and NanoATR small form factor systems.

About Themis Computer

Themis Computer is a leading developer and supplier of high performance board and system level products for mission-critical commercial and military applications. Themis has a diverse product portfolio that includes board-level computers, rack mounted servers, bladed server systems, mission and payload systems, small form factors, and storage appliances. Themis provides open standards-based embedded computing platforms that support Linux®, UNIX®, and Windows® operating systems. Themis products incorporate features that ensure high reliability and availability while reducing the risks of failure caused by extreme environments. An ISO 9001 certified company, Themis Computer practices Total Quality Management (TQM) in all areas of its business, from engineering and manufacturing to customer service. Themis Computer is headquartered in Fremont, California and offers worldwide service and support. For more information please visit or email:

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