Aleph Objects Sponsors Mars One Project

LulzBot 3D printer will repair, rebuild and innovate 140 million miles away

LOVELAND, Colo. November 15, 2012

Aleph Objects, Inc., makers of the LulzBot™ desktop 3D printer, is pleased to announce Silver Sponsorship of Mars One, a Dutch Foundation committed to taking humanity to Mars in 2023. With a shared goal to inspire the next generation, Aleph Objects supports Mars One in its effort to give form to ideas and turn dreams into reality-even in outer space.

"Our involvement with Mars One has been exciting. Through 3D printer technology, we hope to reduce the cost of resupply missions and enable astronauts to repair and innovate in ways not otherwise possible," said Jeff Moe, President of Aleph Objects, Inc. "The Mars One plan relies heavily on existing technologies, from transport vehicles to robot landers to pressurized suits. Similarly, our 3D printers are critical for any off-world exploration."

Moe adds, "It will be rewarding in the coming years to witness the culmination of brilliant minds in the global community working together to make this mission a reality."

Founded upon the philosophy of a free exchange of ideas and technology, Aleph Objects provides users with everything they need to enhance and improve their 3D printer products. Printers ship with full hardware designs, source code, software and documentation.

With the ability to quickly print high-quality parts virtually anywhere-sideways, upside down, or even in zero G environments-the LulzBot 3D printer will enable Mars One astronauts to build and improve, even 140 million miles away. From printing plastic to working with wood, metal and even advanced materials such as living cells, the future for 3D printing is as limitless as the Mars One project itself.

"Mars One is unlike anything else in the off-world exploration arena. With the objective to integrate existing technologies without the need for substantial invention, Aleph Objects is a perfect mission partner offering technology that enables our astronauts to be as self-sufficient as possible. As the Aleph 3D printers are self-replicating, there is no end to the potential," states Kai Staats, Director of Business Development for Mars One. "Even in this initial stage, we are impressed by the knowledge the Aleph Object team employs, one of their lead engineers previously worked on the NASA Mars rovers. The collaboration has only begun, but already we see tremendous potential."

In 1961 President John F. Kennedy pledged to land a man on the moon - not because it was easy, but because it was hard. The moonshot was only possible through an unprecedented collaboration of the best minds, means and materials in the world, mixed with guts and a thirst for exploration. Silver Sponsorship commits funds to the Mars One engagement of the Conceptual Design Studies with existing, proven aerospace firms whose products and systems will play an integral part in the Mars One Mission. Learn more online at

About Mars One:

Mars One is a private, non-political organization whose intent is to establish a colony on Mars through the integration of existing, readily available technologies from industry leaders world-wide. Unique in its approach, Mars One intends to fund this decade-long endeavor through an interactive, reality TV style broadcast from astronaut selection to robotic construction of the outpost; from the seven-month flight through the first years on Mars.
To learn more about Mars One, visit
Press inquiries may be directed to: press(at)mars-one(dot)com.

About Aleph Objects, Inc.:

Built upon the philosophy of freedom, Aleph Objects, Inc. is transforming the 3D printer industry. Starting with the LulzBot AO-100, recipient of the Respects Your Freedom certification from The Free Software Foundation, this high-quality, cost-effective solution embodies the spirit of the free software movement.

Complete with designs, software, documentation, source code and specifications, customers can continually adapt their printer. From short-run manufacturing to rapid prototyping-this technology allows users to design and manufacture virtually anywhere. Learn more online at

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