Integrity Integrator Resources (I2R) Named "2013 Integrator of the Year"

Integrity Integrator Resources (I2R) has been named "2013 Integrator of the Year," earning the Texas-based company international industry recognition for its quality system process improvements for Fortune 500 companies

Dallas, Texas December 21, 2012

Integrity Integration Resources (I2R) has been named "2013 System Integrator of the Year" by Control Engineering magazine, earning the industry's highest honor and a place in the System Integrator Hall of Fame. The award was announced this week and appears in the magazine's January 2013 issue.

"For more than 30 years, our company has been proudly working behind the scenes to help companies improve their operations, be more competitive and better serve their customers," said Jerry Smith, president of I2R. "It's rewarding for our team members to be recognized for their outstanding work and commitment to helping companies operate at their best."

Headquartered in Plano, Texas -- near Dallas -- I2R is a systems integration company and trusted leader in process improvement that is rooted in on-site service that helps manufacturers succeed worldwide by applying automation. The company focuses on goals such as increased production, improved quality and reduced costs. I2R's ultimate goal is "to have a positive impact on the lives of others," explained Smith. Since 1978, I2R has completed more than 15,000 successful automation projects, including process automation, business intelligence, equipment control, data acquisition, motion control and robotics, industrial networking, electrical control panels, and progressive maintenance training. I2R employs 55 people in North Texas.

I2R is one of only six companies in Texas and 85 in the United States to be certified by the Control System Integrators Association, a distinction earned after a rigorous review process in which I2R had to pass an independent audit that verified its use of 80 critical best practices in the industry.

Each year, a panel of Control Engineering editors and industry expert judges select "System Integrator of the Year" award winners in three categories, based on the size of the organization. Three general criteria are considered for the selection of winners: business skills, technical competence, and customer satisfaction.

Ken Crater, founder and chairman of Massachusetts-based Control Technology Corporation and a judge for the competition, noted that I2R was recognized for a "highly professional and methodical approach to its business" and "all of this is confirmed by a number of positive written testimonials from its customers."

One I2R client had this to say: "I2R's knowledge of our process and technology and the ability to tie all of these areas together is second to none. Also, its ability to work with technicians at all levels and ability to explain things in terms that are easy to understand are greatly appreciated. We've had several integrators for several different projects. All others fall short in comparison to I2R's performance, skill, knowledge and ability to deal with difficult situations, as well as dealing with people from the site and other external contractors."

Just who are I2R's clients? Smith was coy, saying, "We honor our confidentiality agreements and are firmly comfortable behind the scenes." He did note that I2R's clients include one of the nation's largest snack food companies, one of the world's largest specialty coffee companies, one of the top global shipping companies, a major manufacturer of door locks, and a venerable organization that sends scientists into space.

Visit or contact I2R at (972) 665-3200 to learn more about the company's areas of expertise and its principled approach to business.

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