Top 10 Most Popular DARPA Features of 2012

The DARPA website receives millions of visits each year. In 2012, we shared information about new efforts and announced milestones reached in our existing programs. A full list of web features may be found at Here is a look back at the most popular-based on webpage views. Starting with #10:

CT Camera

10. Hypersonics- The New Stealth
July 06, 2012-DARPA's research and development in stealth technology during the 1970s and 1980s led to the world's most advanced radar-evading aircraft, providing strategic national security advantage to the United States. Today, that strategic advantage is threatened as other nations' abilities in stealth and counter-stealth improve. Restoring that battle space advantage requires advanced speed, reach and range.

Innovation House News Release

9. This Fall, See Yourself as a DARPA Imagery Researcher
July 10, 2012-There's a lot to be said for the road that is taken-it's safe, it's well lit, and you probably know where it leads. Rarely does an opportunity present itself to leave the road entirely and venture off in search of new vistas.

Innovega iOptiks

8. DARPA researchers design eye-enhancing virtual reality contact lenses
January 31, 2012-Currently being developed by DARPA researchers at Washington-based Innovega iOptiks are contact lenses that enhance normal vision by allowing a wearer to view virtual and augmented reality images without the need for bulky apparatus.

THz Electronics

7. DARPA Clears Path for Advanced Communications, Sensors
July 31, 2012-DARPA researchers have created the world's first solid state receiver to demonstrate gain at 0.85 terahertz (THz). This is the latest breakthrough in the DARPA THz Electronics program in its quest for transistor-based electronics that will enable electronic capabilities at THz frequencies. This represents progress toward the second major technical milestone on the way to 1.03 THz integrated circuits.
DARPA's Cheetah robot

6. DARPA's Cheetah Robot Bolts Past the Competition
September 05, 2012-DARPA's Cheetah robot-already the fastest legged robot in history-just broke its own land speed record of 18 miles per hour (mph). In the process, Cheetah also surpassed another very fast mover: Usain Bolt.

DARPA's Robotics Challenge

5. DARPA seeks robot enthusiasts (and you) to face off for $2M prize!
April 10, 2012-As iconic symbols of the future, robots rank high with flying cars and starships, but basic robots are already in use in emergency response, industry, defense, healthcare and education. DARPA plans to offer a $2 million prize to whomever can help push the state-of-the-art in robotics beyond today's capabilities in support of the DoD's disaster recovery mission.
Legged Squad Support System

4. DARPA'S Legged Squad Support System(LS3) to Lighten Troops' Load
February 07, 2012-To help alleviate physical weight on troops, DARPA is developing a highly mobile, semi-autonomous legged robot, the Legged Squad Support System (LS3), to integrate with a squad of Marines or Soldiers.

DARPA's Hypersonic Technology Vehicle

3. Engineering Review Board Concludes Review of HTV-2 Second Test Flight
April 20, 2012-Following an extensive seven-month analysis of data collected from the Aug. 11, 2011, second flight of DARPA's Hypersonic Technology Vehicle (HTV-2), an independent engineering review board (ERB) investigating the cause of a flight anomaly completed its report.

International Space Station SPHERES Integrated Research Experiments

2. DARPA Makes Room on International Space Station for Programmers
March 06, 2012-The absence of gravity presents a significant challenge for precision robotic maneuvering and operations in space. Overcoming some of that challenge may be possible through the development of computer algorithms to simultaneously compensate for this limitation while directing precision operations.

1. DARPA's Four-Legged Robots Walk out for Capabilities Demonstration
September 10, 2012-Today, DARPA's Legged Squad Support System (LS3) program demonstrated two robotic "pack mule" prototypes for the Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. James F. Amos, and DARPA Director, Arati Prabhakar.

Bonus: top three DARPA videos (based on YouTube views):

1. DARPA's Cheetah Bolts Past the Competition

2. DARPA Legged Squad Support System (LS3) Demonstrates New Capabilities

3. DARPA Cheetah Sets Speed Record for Legged Robots

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