New Encoder Products Company MA63 Heavy-Duty Multiturn Absolute Rotary Encoder Provides Reliable Position Feedback in Harsh Industrial Environments

The Model MA63 is a multiturn absolute rotary encoder with magnetic sensing, a novel turns counting technology and a rugged industrial housing. These features combine to provide precise, reliable motion control feedback in demanding operating conditions.

Sagle, Idaho January 24, 2013

Encoder Products Company (EPC), worldwide manufacturers of an extensive line of high performance rotary encoders and accessories, has introduced the all new MA63 heavy-duty multiturn absolute encoder. Packaged in a rugged size 25 (2.5" diameter) shaft housing, the MA63 is intended for industrial motion control applications requiring absolute positioning output, even in power-off scenarios and harsh operating conditions.

A Novel Turns Counting System

The sensor and turns counting system in the MA63 are powered by a proven magnetic-based energy-harvesting technology, without the use of batteries, gears or capacitors. Even without external power, as the shaft rotates, regardless of its speed or direction, turns count data is continuously generated and stored in a high-capacity on-board Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FRAM) chip. Reliable and maintenance-free, the turns-counting system provides virtually unlimited data storage for most conceivable industrial applications.

Designed for Harsh Operating Conditions

Engineered to operate reliably in the presence of dust, dirt, moisture and a high degree of electrical noise, the MA63 features a hall-effect sensor with internal faraday-cage shielding. Also, EPC's "encoder-within-an-encoder" Industrial Housing mechanically isolates the internal electronics from shock and vibration via a separate internal flex mount and a pair of heavy-duty ABEC bearings, rated for loads up to 80 lbs. axial and radial. Dual o-ring housing seals and an optional double-lip IP67 shaft seal inhibit the ingress of liquids or fine particles. The housing is manufactured of high-strength aluminum with a durable non-corrosive powder-coated finish, while the mounting face and bearing hub are machined of a single piece of polished aluminum. The shaft is 303 stainless steel.

Simplified Precision

For precise motion control feedback, the MA63 is capable of up to 14-bit single-turn and 40-bit multi-turn resolution, with either SSI or CANopen communication protocols. An external LED on the back of the MA63 housing aids with installation, commissioning and trouble-shooting. The LED flashes green or red in assigned sequences to indicate status. A choice of radial 5-pin or 8-pin M-12 connectors reduces both the cost and complexity of cabling.


With several shaft sizes and mounting styles, the Model MA63S is easily designed in to OEM and aftermarket applications. Common industrial applications for the MA63 include robotics, telescopes, antennas, medical scanners, wind turbines, elevators, lifts, motors, automatic guided vehicles, and rotary or X/Y positioning tables.

Availability and Support

The MA63 multi-turn absolute rotary encoder is available through Encoder Products Company's network authorized distributors located throughout the Americas. Technical support for the MA63 is provided by authorized distributors, Encoder Products Company Americas Division Technical Services and Applications Engineering. In addition, a number of relevant technical publications are available on, including the product Data Sheet, Installation Guide, SSI Technical Bulletin, and a CANopen Reference Manual.

About Encoder Products Company

Encoder Products Company (EPC) is a world-wide leader in the design and manufacture of rotary encoders. In 1969, CEO William Watt developed an innovative cube-shaped encoder and launched the company from his garage. Today, EPC manufactures a diverse line of AccuCoderTM brand incremental and absolute rotary encoders for OEM and MRO customers in nearly every industry. A modern, vertically integrated 100,000 sq. ft. facility in Sagle, Idaho serves as both Global and Americas Division headquarters. The Asian and European Divisions are supported by EPC's manufacturing facilities in Zhuhai, China and Wrexham, Wales. EPC products are available through a network of qualified industrial distributors and resellers as well as direct sales channels.

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