Boston Engineering named in top 10 Robotic Business in Massachusetts

Being showcased as one of the top ten reflects and recognizes the significant amount of expertise, focus, and game-changing technologies that Boston Engineering has worked hard to bring to its customers, both commercial and government.

BOSTON, April 30, 2013 -- Boston Engineering Corporation has been named on the list of Top 10 Robotics Business in Massachusetts by Mass High Tech.

Boston Engineering ranked No. 10 in the compilation of New England's largest robotics employers with 45 fulltime employees. The Waltham, Mass.-based company is a full service firm that develops and integrates robotic systems into product and equipment designs including the GhostSwimmer, a biomimetic autonomous unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) that employs the mechanics and dynamics of a biological fish.

Mass High Tech compiled a list of robotic businesses to promote organizations during the fourth annual National Robotics Week held in early April. The council showcased robotics technologies from more than 30 different New England organizations and educators - including Boston Engineering.

The listing is featured in this month's TechFlash eNewletter (

Being showcased as one of the top ten reflects and recognizes the significant amount of expertise, focus, and game-changing technologies that Boston Engineering has worked hard to bring to its customers, both commercial and government. It also recognizes the company's hard work -- and often in obscurity -- to become and to remain a leader in robotics and complex electromechanical systems development.

Although historically the company's robotics' audience has been the United States Department of Defense and Homeland Security, Boston Engineering is expanding to other areas including medical surgery-assist robots, oil and gas field robotics, and more.

"Robotics is a major focus for our company going forward and rightfully so," said Michael Rufo, Director, Principal Engineer and Roboticist. "This is a burgeoning market which is only now starting to see its potential come to fruition. The future commercial and government markets will include heavy amounts of robotics across many fields and must be addressed by U.S. companies not only to better people's living conditions and health or safety of first responders, etc., but also to remain competitive in the world business markets of the future."

Robotics is a major initiative within the company, Rufo said. The technology represents a significant field/market the company is addressing. Robotics contains the components of what will be required for successful engineering in the future in all fields due to the highly integrated nature of today's and tomorrow's products in terms of mechanical, electrical and software elements all being contained therein.

"We are honored to be included with such prestigious company," said Bob Treiber , President of Boston Engineering. "I am excited that Mike and his team are getting the recognition they deserve after all their hard work on this innovative technology that will ultimately save countless American lives."

Robotics is just one of the system approaches to engineering that the company offers. Boston Engineering also provides engineering services in the fields of Medical Devices, Industrial Electronics, Electromechanical Systems, Defense Systems and Sensors, Product Development, Commercialization, and more.

Boston Engineering, headquartered in Waltham, Mass., is a technology driven, customer oriented engineering services firm that provides its services to customers nationwide. Able to step outside the box and develop solutions from a fresh perspective, Boston Engineering focuses on all types of products and projects ranging from medical device design to industrial equipment. From product development to information systems to engineering consulting, Boston Engineering offers innovative, results-oriented, high value solutions.

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