Slot Die Coating Leader nTact to Exhibit at LOPE-C Conference

nRad System for R&D Applications to be Showcased at nTact Booth 317.

June 03, 2013

Leader in Slot Die Coating Systems nTact is pleased to announce it will be exhibiting at the 5th International Large-Area Organic & Printed Electronics Conference and Exhibition (LOPE-C) in at the Messe Munich on June 12 and 13 in booth 317. nTact will be exhibiting in collaboration with its exclusive sales and marketing representative for the European territory, John P Kummer GmbH ("JP Kummer"). LOPE-C is regarded as one of the world's leading international conferences for printed electronics exhibiting. The Conference addresses manufacturers and users of a technology of the future across a wide range of industry sectors including new display technologies, solid state lighting, photovoltaic, printed batteries, RFID and printed sensor technology. nTact will showcase and provide live demonstrations their nRad system, regarded as the industry's best slot die system for R&D applications. The nRad features as a small-footprint, lower-cost slot-die coating system, engineered for use in R&D and pre-production environments.

In addition, nTact will be featuring their proprietary Selective Area Coating method, also referred to as "Patch Coating," used a variety of applications inculcating OLED display and lighting. This technique allows users of nTact systems to deposit an array of rectangular shapes on a single substrate to create "macro patterns," potentially eliminating subsequent removal processes for certain applications. In addition, nTact and their inert gas systems partner MBraun will be exhibiting next to each other to display their combined solution of nTact's slot die coating technology with MBraun's industry leading inert gas processing systems. Through its close collaboration with MBraun, nTact and MBraun have designed system to operate nearly seamlessly in an inert environment, to allow researchers and product manufacturers to work in a clean, moisture and oxygen free environment. This type of solution has shown to be critical for "wet" processing in applications such as OLED, photovoltaic, and various organic and printed electronics which need to be processed under a nitrogen or argon gas environments.

"LOPE-C is one of the biggest and most important shows of the year for nTact, particularly as it relates to Europe. This region has been an important market for the development of our technology in printed and organic electronic applications as Europe has always invested heavily into research and development for these markets. LOPE-C attracts exactly the right mix of companies and people for the markets we are most competitive in." says Miguel Friedrich, Vice President, Sales & Marketing at nTact.

"Slot Die Coating will lead to lower cost mass production over large surface areas. This technology will play more and more an important role in economical manufacturing of products for this relevant industries," added Reinhold Hess, Managing Director of JP Kummer.

About nTact:
nTact is a leading global supplier of slot die coating systems and integrated process solutions for the display, microelectronics, alternative energy and related industries. The company's product lines include the nRad Systems, designed for coating applications in R&D and preproduction, along with the nDeavor Systems for pilot and full production. Integrated solutions can include complimentary process modules such as cleaning modules, atmospheric pressure plasma, hotplates and ovens, vacuum dry, and others, along with full robotic or conveyor automation. nTact has over 25 years of experience in delivering unique coating processes for a variety of applications in emerging and mature markets, including the deposition of organic materials for OLED displays and lighting, as well as conductive layers, dielectric layers, photoresists, suspensions, and active photovoltaic materials. For more information, visit

About JP Kummer:
John P. Kummer GmbH is a specialist European distributor of instruments and consumables mainly for the Semiconductor and associated Industries. Using our long established relationships within the worldwide Industry we bring the newest and most technologically advanced products to the European market.

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