PPS Introduces New TactileHead Pressure Measurement Sensors

Flexible & sensitive tactile sensors capture contact pressures on the human head

LOS ANGELES, June 25, 2013 -- Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. (PPS) today unveiled its first TactileHead Pressure Measurement System that leverages the world's most sensitive tactile sensors to introduce a new standard for comfort and fit testing in applications where contact pressures are applied to the human head. The new system was developed for earmuff and headset application but it applies to many other applications where pressures are exerted to the human head.

Headset and hearing protector manufacturers have long desired to have more quantitative ways to test comfort and fit while developing next-generation products. Professor Samir Gerges, a world leading expert in earmuffs and headset evaluation, visited numerous tactile sensor manufacturers looking for highly sensitive sensors that could measure contact pressures on the human head. He quickly learned that the only sensor technology that could meet his requirements was PPS' TactileHead sensor that could not only resolve to pressures lower than 10 Pa but could also conform to complex shapes around the ear without sacrificing accuracy or repeatability performance.

PPS partnered with Prof. Gerges to develop the firstTactileHead Pressure Measurement System for headsets and earmuffs. The new system features an adjustable mechanism that varies the width of a head mannequin to capture pressure data from different head sizes. One high-resolution TactileHead sensor array is molded to the curved area around the ear of the mannequin, while the other high-resolution TactileHead sensor is mounted to a flat plate to provide a controlled comparison. Real-time visualization and acquisition software is then used to display pressures from both sensors simultaneously and to perform real-time analysis for evaluating the fit and comfort.

"We are proud to help headset and earmuff manufacturers develop better products using our sensors. We expect that our TactileHead sensor technology will quickly be adopted in a variety of other applications where contact pressures are applied to the human head, such as helmets, masks, and sunglasses" says Dr. Jae Son, founder and CEO of PPS.

"We went around looking for tactile sensor technologies, but the only sensor we found that could satisfy our requirements was a PPS sensor" says Prof. Samir N. Y. Gerges, Ph.D. from Federal University of Santa Catarina.

The First TactileHead Pressure Measurement System Comprises of:

*Two high-resolution TactileHead sensors with 1.5m cable, one molded to the curved area around the ear and the other mounted to a flat plate

*Head/plate mannequin fixture with adjustable width mechanism

*T4500 interface electronics with USB connection to PC

*Chameleon TVR software for real-time visualization and data acquisition

*Optional API for custom software development

The newly-developed TactileHead Pressure Measurement System for headsets and earmuffs is now available for purchase. PPS also offers custom sensor configurations for additional applications where contact pressures are applied to the human head. For demonstration of PPS sensor technology please contact Huan Tran at +1.310.641.8100x139 or email huan@pressureprofile.com.

About Pressure Profile Systems
Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. (PPS) provides innovative tactile sensing solutions that push the boundaries of sensing technology. PPS's mission is to leverage and enhance capacitive tactile sensing technology to develop innovative, meaningful products that harness the sense of touch for medical devices, robotics, ergonomics, and automotive applications, in addition to industrial and consumer products. What sets PPS apart is not only its unique sensor technology - with advantages of design flexibility, sensitivity, and stability - but also its skillful engineering team with expertise in custom sensor design and hardware and software integration. For more information, please visit http://www.pressureprofile.com/.

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