PI Release New Low Cost H-820 Hexapod Six Axis Positioner

A linear repeatability of 20 μm, and 200 μrad in the tip/tilt or rotational axes - these are important features of the new H-820 Hexapod from PI (Physik Instrumente).

The H-820 Hexapod isn't as precise as the well-proven high-end six axes systems from PI, but with the performance characteristics of all its components are perfectly tuned and selected for cost-efficiency. The H-820 also convinces by its performance: It provides travel ranges of up to 100 mm in X and Y direction and 50 mm in the Z axis as well as rotational angles up to 60°. Thanks to the specially developed brushless torque motors, a load capacity of 20 kg and velocities of up to 20 mm/s can be achieved. The H-820 system also includes a powerful digital controller commanded via Ethernet. All target positions are conveniently given in Cartesian coordinates. Its price and performance make the H-820 particularly appealing for applications in industrial automation and manufacturing, or for research, e.g. in biotechnology.

Why Parallel Kinematics?

The Hexapod is driven by six high-resolution actuators, all connected directly to the same moving platform. This parallel-kinematic structure combines high system stiffness with a large clear aperture. Because of the low mass of the moving platform, positioning operations can be performed with far lower settling times than with stacked multi-axis systems. In those systems, run-out and guiding errors, that have an impact on the dynamic properties of the individual
axes, as well as friction and inertia of moving cables, all accumulate to limit the system's accuracy and repeatability - problems which do not affect parallel-kinematic systems like the Hexapod.

About PI

Already well-known and respected for their high-quality products, PI is one of the leading players in the international market for precision positioning technology in the fields of photonics, nanotechnology, semi-conductor and life sciences. The company has been developing andmanufacturing standard and OEM products with Piezo or motor drives for over 40 years. With headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany, four factories and ten subsidiaries employing more than 700 people globally, the PI group has a presence in every major market worldwide. The company has been ISO 9001 certified since 1994.

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