DC Controller Makes Anyone an Expert in Creating Simple, Cost Effective Automated Projects

Now you can create a simple automation process without spending thousands of dollars on expensive motors, complex drive units, PLC's or Computer controls, and, without having to learn a complex programming language. Specialty Motion's New 12V and 24V D-Con DC Motion Controller allows the user to create single, multi-axes or synchronous automated systems complete with Variable Speed Control, Direction Control, Oscillating or jog-able motion.

Corona, CA August 13, 2013

Specialty Motions, Inc. (SMI) has created a new Motion Controller specifically for 12 or 24 Volt Brushed DC motors. This controller was designed to be very cost effective, simple to use and full of functionality. SMI's D-Con Motion Controller is made to be an inexpensive and easy means of achieving oscillation and jog-able motion with a brushed DC motor. For those unfamiliar with industrial automation, most applications require Stepper or Servo Motor sophistication for control, performance and positional feedback. DC motors are typically not used because they lack the ability to accept commands and offer no reliable positional accuracy. They are typically considered "dumb" motors. They do however offer a very attractive price tag when compared to the more sophisticated Step and Servo motor system.

SMI Engineering has developed a DC motion controller that works with almost any 12 or 24 Volt Brushed DC motors from the very small to larger motors up to 10 Amps. This DC Motion Controller can be used for single axis of motion, multi-axes or synchronous motion and can be used with any linear motion stage or slide as long as the motor fits the application. The D-Con Motion Controller offers LED feedback for power, fault and mode functions as well as speed 1 and speed 2 information, and, uses screw-type terminals for easy installation.

There is no programming required. The D-Con Motion Controller can be used as an oscillating device designed to travel back and forth between home and limit sensors and/or as a device operated by hand with joy stick or other hand held controls. With SMI's D-Con Motion Controller, these limit switches can be either contact or inductive. The D-Con includes a 2 stage variable speed function that is switchable on the fly. The D-Con will accept a joy stick controller with variable speed functionality through a RJ45 jack. The D-Con also accepts optional push button controls for direction and speed for hand held applications.

An E-Stop function is available as standard as well as a 5 volt output is available on both the 12V or 24V version for optional outputs and sensors. The D-Con utilizes "PWM" Pulse Width Modulation, which in short, controls voltage output to the motor to allow for optimum variable speeds without adversely affecting motor torque. This speed function is user accessible and adjustable.

The D-Con Motion Controller from Specialty Motions, Inc is full of functionality and is very small in size. The D-Con can be mounted almost anywhere and fits a standard DIN rail.

Specialty Motions, Inc., (SMI), located in Southern California, has been creating and developing motion control and automation devices, components and systems since 1990 under the same owner and management. SMI has earned a reputation for quality, accuracy and performance over the past 23 years.

SMI provides the Linear Motion and Automation industry mechanical motion components and electro-mechanical products and actuators from its own line of products. As well SMI provides components and actuators from other worldwide sources such as NSK, Danaher Corporation, Thomson Industries, Thomson Linear LLC, NB America, Oriental Motors, IKO, Rollon Corp., and many others.

SMI is an integrator of Motion Systems using all of its skills and capabilities to create custom designed, wired, programmed and complete stand alone and fully integrated automation systems built to serve a specific application need. Our forte is in travel lengths of 144" or less and loads up to and including 15,000 pounds.

SMI sells its brand of products under the http://www.smi4motion.com brand and web site. The direct links to the new D-Con Motion Controller and more technical information is found at: http://www.smi4motion.com/smi2/component/content/article/925-products/1305-d-con.html

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