Prime Drives Engineers Integrate Moving Load Plate Directly Into Direct Drive Motor Design

Prime Drives, LLC has just completed its latest design which integrates the moving load plate and adapter plate directly into their Direct Drive Servo itself. Prime Drives engineers adjusted their standard design to incorporate the adapter plate used in integrated circuit (IC) packaging machines.

San Jose, CA September 26, 2013

Incorporating an adapter plate and a large aperture thru-hole design allows for designers to pass cable assemblies directly thru the middle of the direct drive motor. This eliminates numerous interference issues involving air-conduit for pneumatic valves, power lines which no longer have to be re-routed. This allows designers to reduce the footprint of the IC machine which is designated for Class 1-100 clean rooms where space is valued at an extreme premium. The additional space created allows Outside Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) designers additional space to implement a visual feedback sensor which provides orientation of the IC tray packaging.

The Direct Drive servo design from Prime Drives also required a custom winding which Enabled the OEM to select a digital drive/controller package that outputs lower current due to our high Kt (torque output per amp input) further saved the OEM several hundreds of dollars per axis.

This integrated circuit application also required a unique feedback device for the application. Most of Prime Drives' applications utilize incremental encoders or a 1 volt peak to peak analog signal feedback to the drive/controller. This IC packaging required an absolute encoder feedback signal to avoid re-homing should electrical power be interrupted to the IC packaging machine. The 'end-dat' feedback signal from the absolute encoder was easily designed into the final Direct Drive servo solution.

Prime Drives flexible design parameters allow for integrating new feedback devices as well as incorporating fail-safe brakes, resolver feedback solutions both with and without thru hole packaging. Contact Prime Drives and our engineers evaluate your direct drive servo needs.

Prime Drives provides Direct Drive Servo solutions for applications requiring Higher resolution, non-typical moment loads, environmental extremes or simply a custom winding in a package size unique to your application. Consult with Prime Drives engineering to attain the ultimate, unique solution for your application that you simply cannot find in today's catalog of numerous Direct Drive motor offerings.

About Prime Drives:

Prime Drives is a US based manufacturer of Direct Drive Servo Motors. Their design improves design efficiency and productivity of complex machines by allowing engineers to choose basic options within the motor parameters specific to their design needs. For more information contact Prime Drives 775-333-5984 or sales(at)primedrives(dot)com or visit

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