Midwest Engineering Systems Staffs the Most Certified Expert Robotic Technologists in the US

Midwest Engineering Systems Inc. is proud to become a Certified Robotic Integrator by the Robotic Industries Association (RIA) with the most Certified Expert Robotic Technologists in the Country.

Midwest Engineering Systems Inc., an innovative provider of premier custom machines and integrated systems, is proud to become a Certified Robotic Integrator by the Robotic Industries Association (RIA).

The Robotic Industries Association (RIA) offers the Robotic Integrator Certificate to integrators that pass the rigorous process, which includes an on-site audit, safety training and hands-on testing of key personnel, among other important criteria. "Based on feedback from the industry, we believe that achieving certification will be valuable to integrators looking to showcase their capabilities and experience to users and suppliers alike." Said Jeff Burnstein, President of RIA. The RIA represents over 300 robotic manufactures, systems integrators, & end users.

"This certification highlights our continuing commitment to provide best-in-class knowledge and experience to our customers looking to reach their automation goals." states Terry Merrifeld; VP/General Manager Welding Systems & Services at Midwest Engineering Systems. "It also gives current and future customers a measurable benchmark that supports Midwest Engineering's reliability and adherence to industry standards."

Midwest Engineering Systems Inc. has seven (7) Certified Expert Robotic Technologists on staff- which is the most in the country.

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Midwest Engineering Systems Inc., an innovator and leader in complex systems integration, has been providing custom machine design, automation, robotics and integrated solutions since 1991.

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