Festo Showcases at Process Expo 2013 Automation Solutions Ranging from Simple Polypropylene Fittings

Festo pneumatic and electric actuation and control components and systems are designed to improve the overall productivity, flexibility, and performance of automated systems. (Festo Booth #2572)

The Festo exhibit at Process Expo 2013 in Chicago offers a range of pneumatic and electric motion actuation and control solutions for food and beverage OEMs looking for a supplier that understands how to decrease design time, lower the cost of installing and inventorying components and systems, and ultimately delivers solutions that improve productivity, flexibility, and performance.

Festo will be showcasing fittings, automated valves, valve manifolds, pneumatic and electric actuators, air preparation systems, safety systems, and control architectures compliant with all major fieldbus networks.

In terms of systems on display, Festo will be showing a state-of-the-art automation solution for pigging systems used for food industry clean-in-place (CIP) applications. This flexible system accommodates each plant's environment and delivers a complete and ready-to-install solution, saving customers start-up time and providing a single point of technical support.

In this one-stop-shop for all CIP automation, Festo includes a number of its most successful products from the CPX control platform to sanitary butterfly valves. CPX is a versatile control platform for digital/analog signals and system diagnostics. One of the special features of the system is the proportional value that controls the pressure to move the pigging ball from the launching station and back again.

In a simulation of a complete filling application, which includes cup molding, filling, printing, and inspection, a number of products and systems ideal for the food and beverage industry are showcased. These include:

• DSBF clean design actuator in the cup press simulation that meets the hygienic requirements of NSF-Hi/CRF21/ISO 15552
• NPQP polymer pneumatic click fittings for food and beverage applications
• CRDSNU stainless steel pneumatic cylinder in the filling simulation that is optimized for harsh environments and offers high corrosion and acid resistance
• MS series air preparation system that can condition your compressed air to any of the classes identified in
ISO 8573-1 for indirect contact with wet food products

"The demand for Festo systems solutions in the food and beverage industries is growing," said John Holmes, Food and Beverage Industry Segment Manager, Festo. The benefits of one-stop-shop, proven off-the-shelf Festo products, single point of contact for support and drop-in, ready-to-install process automation systems are compelling when considering total cost of ownership."

For more information on the Festo solutions for the food and beverage industry, call Festo at 800-993-3786 and visit http://www.festo.com/us/food

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