The New Festo HSP and HSW Part Handling and Assembly Modules Come As Packaged Solutions: Assembled,

The HSP and HWS handling modules are well suited for systems ranging from simple, single station lab solutions to high speed, high volume work cells.

The new Festo HSP and HSW pick and place and assembly modules deliver performance and significant savings for OEMs in terms of lower engineering costs and shorter installation and commissioning times. Electric and pneumatic modules are available.

The Festo HSP and HSW are ideal motion components for single station lab solutions, electronic and electro-mechanical parts testing, assembly tasks such as insertion, mating, bonding, and sealing, and high speed, multi-station work cells in high volume production. The small-form-factor HSP and HSW handling modules come as a packaged solution: assembled, tested, and ready to go. Festo mechanical grippers, adapter plates, and mounting accessories are easily adaptable and readily available to simplify ordering and installation.

These handling modules are a new generation of function modules for the automatic transfer, feed, and removal of small parts in extremely confined spaces. This is achieved by means of a guided vertical and horizontal motion sequence. A backlash-free cross-guide with recirculating ball bearing elements ensures high precision and good rigidity. The combination of a semi-rotary drive and a slotted guide system produces a compact unit for a complete pick and place cycle.

The HSP pick and place is designed for transferring parts on the same plane. The HSW pick and place is designed for repositioning parts at a 90 degree angle. Both units offer the following features:

• Choice of driving element: Pneumatic or electric (Festo or third party motor)
• No engineering design costs
• Compact design
• Assembled, tested, and ready to Install
• Fast movement
o pneumatic = 0.6 - 1.0 seconds
o electric = 0.8 - 1.2 seconds
• Working loads up to 1.5 kg
• High accuracy (+/- 0.02mm)
• Simple commissioning
• Adjustable stroke or angle
• Flexible mounting interface for grippers, rotary actuator, and vacuum cups

The electric versions come with the Festo next generation all-in-one servo motor and drive unit, the MTR-DCI-HM. This unit features a motor, integrated gearbox, power electronics, and controller in an extremely small and rugged package. Complete commissioning can be performed using simple teach-in functions.

Pneumatic driving elements such as the Festo DSM swivel actuator are ideal in applications that have two discrete points such as a fixed pick and place position. In such scenarios, flexibility is not required and a simple pneumatic actuator provides a fast, cost effective, and compact solution. In applications that demand flexibility in positioning, typically arising from the need to handle a variety of products or different sizes of the same product, an electric driving element such as the the Festo MTR-DCI-HM integrated motor/drive is the option of choice.

For more information on the pre-engineered and assembled HSP and HSW modules for pick and place and small parts assembly applications, call Festo at 800-993-3786 and visit

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