Polyurethane Tubing, Now Available in Three Styles, Offers Durability for Air and Fluid Transfer

NewAge Industries now offers its polyurethane tubing in three versions: unreinforced tubing, braid reinforced hose and a type developed specifically for pneumatics. Each offers the performance properties for which polyurethane is known including natural flexibility, durability, good chemical resistance and superior functioning in weather-related conditions.

Southampton, PA October 26, 2013

NewAge Industries manufactures three versions of polyurethane tubing: unreinforced, braid reinforced and a style designed for pneumatic applications. All three offer the traits polyurethane is known for, namely durability, natural flexibility, excellent weathering characteristics and good chemical resistance. Typical uses include air and liquid transfer, granular material and abrasive powder lines, cable jacketing, insulation sleeves, and petroleum product transfer.

Polyurethane, also known as PU or PUR, combines properties of both plastic and rubber. It blends abrasion and tear resistance, plus high tensile values, with nearly unlimited flexural abilities and low compression set. What sets polyurethane apart from other thermoplastics is its chemical resistance combined with its superior weatherability. Additionally NewAge's polyurethane tubing products:

*Offer cold temperature flexibility approaching 90°F ( 67°C)

*Are made without plasticizers (ingredients added to compounds to increase flexibility; plasticizers can leach out of the tubing and contaminate the flow)

*Resist most gasolines, oils, kerosene, and other petroleum-based chemicals

*Provide more pressure and vacuum resistance than corresponding sizes of PVC or rubber

*Can be heat formed into shapes to fit with or around machinery

NewAge makes its unreinforced polyurethane tubing called Superthane(R) in two formulations - ether and ester. The ether-based material handles water and humidity well, while the ester-based formula offers overall better petrochemical resistance. Both types are made from non-toxic, FDA-compliant materials, and the ether-based material is listed by the National Sanitation Foundation for use with potable water (NSF 61).

Urebrade(R), the company's braid reinforced polyurethane tubing, is ether-based and offers many of the same performance characteristics as Superthane. Urebrade incorporates open mesh polyester braiding within walls of polyurethane, allowing it to provide much greater pressure carrying capabilities than unreinforced styles. Where applications involve repeated flexing, heavy vibration or abrasion, Urebrade offers superior service life over other materials.

NewAge's Superthane Pneumatic tubing is produced in eight colors for easy line identification in applications such as pneumatic control systems, robotics, instrumentation lines, sensing systems, lubrication lines and fluid circuitry. It, too, is manufactured from ether-based materials to handle applications in wet or humid environments.

For more information on polyurethane tubing and reinforced hose from NewAge Industries, contact the Fluid Transfer Specialists(R) at NewAge Industries, Inc., 145 James Way, Southampton, PA 18966; phone 800-506-3924 or 215-526-2300; fax 800-837-1856 or 215-526-2190; e-mail: info(at)newageindustries(dot)com; web page: http://www.newageindustries.com/polyurethane_hose.asp.

About NewAge Industries

In business since 1954, NewAge Industries manufactures plastic and rubber tubing in both reinforced and unreinforced styles. The company offers an overall product quality rating of 99.8%, provides custom extrusion and fabrication capabilities, and services customers worldwide. NewAge Industries maintains a large inventory and prides itself on same-day shipment of 99% of orders for its core product lines. In 2006, NewAge initiated an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) for the benefit of both its employees and customers.

The AdvantaPure(R) division of NewAge Industries is ISO 9001:2008 certified and specializes in high purity tubing, hose, single use batch filling and sampling tubing, manifold assemblies, and other molded components for the pharmaceutical, biomedical, food, beverage, and chemical industries. All products are manufactured, stored, and shipped using the cleanest methods possible to ensure unsurpassed product purity. Automated product identification systems, including gamma stable RFID tags and labels, are offered by NewAge's Verigenics(TM) division.

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