360Heros Announces Breakthrough 360 Video Camera Gear that Takes Full Sphere 12,000 by 6,000 Video and Photo Imagery using GoPro® Cameras.

Michael Kintner, CEO, inventor, founder and manufacturer of 360Heros Video Gear announces the release of the H3Pro10HD (360 video in Super HD) camera video and photo gear for production of 12,000 x 6,000 full spherical video and photos "All Around you!™".

Olean, New York December 07, 2013

Michael Kintner, CEO, inventor, founder and manufacturer of 360Heros Video Gear announces the release of the H3Pro10HD (360 VIDEO IN SUPER HD) camera gear for production of 12,000 x 6,000 full sphere seamless Dome imagery. This breakthrough system uses the mighty GoPro® Hero3 Black or Hero3 Black Plus for the most compact and powerful 360 camera video and photo array. To assemble the 360 Plug-n-Play™ HD Edition, simply snap in 10 GoPro® Hero Blacks to produce 12K mammoth content for IMAX® size screens in immersive screening environments, or scale down the imagery for stunning sharp video and photos for any dome size, projection system or web viewer.

Designed in response to overwhelming requests from dome content producers and exhibitors, the H3Pro10HD supports production at resolutions and frame rates previously only possible with render-intensive CGI content or expensive and complex mirror camera rigs. The 360Heros gear and support software packages allow producers to shoot, stitch and present content on lightning fast timelines compared to CGI. The possibilities for applications are endless - from high end immersive cinema productions, to interactive entertainment, sporting and educational shows, to virtual reality integration with the Oculus Rift VR®.

The 7 different versions of 360Heros 360 Plug-n-Play™ holders are constructed from airline grade flexible nylon, and designed to capture Full Spherical HD 360 degrees by 180 degrees video on the most challenging shoots, from extreme environments to intimate spaces. The rigging potential of the lightweight (1.5 oz - 1.8 oz with GoPro® Hero3 Blacks) video gear for the land, sea or air is limitless. In the past few months, 360Heros video and photo gear has been used to film sharks off a Micronesian reef in Yap, been to the top of Mount Everest summit trek, an Arctic documentary, the Webby-award winning Beck/Chris Milk interactive concert, and a wide range of large format display and interactive projects for companies such as Under Amour, Ford and Visa as well as the United States Military.

360Heros is excited to share our newest technology for delivering content All Around You™. Be sure to come visit with us in January 7-10 at the 2014 CES show in Las Vegas with 3D Systems and Cubify.com. Drop by to see our demos and videos at booth #31424 to get a first hand look at Land, Sea and Air 360 Video and Photo presentations with equipment that is all 3D printed. Visit http://www.360Heros.com to see how easy it is to create stunning full spherical HD 360 experiences.

About Michael Kintner
Michael Kintner is the CEO, inventor and founder of 360Heros, a cutting edge 360 degree video company with products and services that utilize GoPro® cameras and other small HD quality cameras for ultra high resolution 360 video production in any environment. Michael holds a BS in Engineering and Information System Technology and a MA in Information Technology Management, and combines his experience in videography, aerial photography, mechanical engineering and robotics to design, develop and manufacture 360Heros state-of-the-art 360° Plug-n-Play holders. For more information on 360Heros products and video production & post production services, visit http://www.360heros.com. For media inquiries contact Diane Dennis at Inspired Media Communications at info(at)inspiredmc(dot)com.

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