VITRONIC Machine Vision Awarded Contract to Automate Manual Processing of Flats and Small Parcels

VITRONIC Machine Vision LTD is proud to announce it has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract to automate the manual processing of flats and small parcels from a large parcel and post customer.

Under the terms of the contract, VITRONIC Machine Vision LTD, will provide over 2,000 VICAMsnap! camera units to be deployed in early 2014 for their facilities throughout the United States. This will bring VITRONIC's fielded units for this customer to 3,000 units for this program. The camera systems will provide scanning and barcode decoding for all customer specific linear and 2-dimensional codes (PostNet™, Planet Code®, Datamatrix, PDF-417 and Intelligent Mail® Barcodes), provide image capture and archiving routines, and allow the customer to provide additional tracking capabilities throughout their network. The Vitronic VICAMsnap! solution replaces a previous multi-step process and will allow faster manual sorting and throughput efficiency along with providing improved tracking visibility enhancing the customer experience.

"We are pleased to continue our relationship and this program continuation is a direct result of a successful roll out in 2013 and is based on the performance, ease of installation and in the overall improvements in operational efficiencies. Our solution allows our customers to take advantage of the latest innovative technology in the market today. There is no product like the VICAMsnap! in the market today and we are proud of our successes", stated Michael Schindler, VITRONIC Machine Vision LTD's president of North American operations.

The VITRONIC VICAMsnap! is a compact, lightweight camera based solution that packs performance into a robust design. It is equipped with white illumination which allows for the reading and decoding of colored barcodes and provides more effective reading of damaged or poorly printed barcodes on colored backgrounds. The VITRONIC VICAMsnap! provides a 12x10 inch width of field and 16 inch depth of field (read area 310mm x 260mm x 300mm) to allow operators to immediately capture all 1D and 2D barcodes present on parcels, flats and boxes.

A target illumination on the package allows the operator to quickly find the scan zone and process the items being scanned. The VICAMsnap!provides immediate feedback to the operator through audible tones and configurable voice commands. It features visual red and green go/no go LED flash indicators directly on the items being scanned, allowing the operator to process the item even in noisy industrial environments. This innovative approach with audible and visual operator feedback also provides 508 compliance features. The system is equipped with a powerful processing unit that provides more than just barcode reading; it allows image capture/archiving and complex processing routines completed in real time. Images can be compressed, binarized, pre-processed for OCR and transmitted via Gigabit Ethernet to a host server for further processing or offline archiving purposes.

The VICAMsnap! camera is an advanced information and image acquisition system designed for manual and automated processing in the material handling, warehousing, parcel/post, distribution and manufacturing industries.

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