New Venture and Website Launched by Institute for Robotic Process Automation

The Institute for Robotic Process Automation (IRPA), an independent professional association for buyers, providers, analysts and influencers of robotic process automation, today announced the launch its new venture and website, The network will serve as the first association of its kind, a knowledge forum and solutions center dedicated to robotic process automation.

IRPA is the brainchild of Frank Casale, who, since founding the Outsourcing Institute 20 years ago, has become known for his ability to reliably anticipate business trends. With this new venture, Casale aims to build the go-to source for thought leadership and services related to robotic process automation, a technology that promises unprecedented gains in operational agility, process efficiency and accuracy and a 25-40 percent cost savings.

Robotic process automation is the application of advanced software and algorithms to complete routine tasks and operations previously performed by humans. The technology can capture and interpret existing applications for processing transactions, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems.

Casale alerts outsourcing buyers and sellers to "brace for impact" as process automation creates the next wave of innovation and dramatically changes business and the global economy. "Robotic process automation will force IT and business executives to completely rethink the way they plan, source and budget for their most critical projects," says Casale. "The primary objective of IRPA is to help business leaders understand how this trend will help them to cut costs, increase efficiency and improve business processes."

A free, basic membership at grants access to expert commentary, industry white papers, best practices, and a global network of thought leaders, practitioners, providers and advisors.

"As service providers leverage robotic process automation in their offerings, they will be able to provide significantly higher levels of value to buyers," says Raheem Hasan, Chief Marketing Officer of IRPA. "We're on the forefront of this business revolution, and we're excited to bring others into the game."

About the Institute for Robotic Process Automation

Created by Frank Casale, founder of the Outsourcing Institute, IRPA is a professional association formed to help enterprises and solutions providers navigate and benefit from the latest in process automation. Members of the IRPA network gain access to the latest industry trends, research and thought leadership.

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