Aeryon Labs introduces Map Edition bundles for Aeryon sUAS

Aeryon Map Editions are bundled offerings that provide an end-to-end aerial surveying and GIS solution. This new package combines Aeryon sUAS - Aeryon Scout™ and Aeryon SkyRanger™ - with Aeryon's integrated camera payloads and Pix4Dmapper software for highly accurate geo-referenced image processing, and powerful 3D visualization and editing features.

Waterloo, ON January 14, 2014

Aeryon Labs introduces Map Edition bundles for Aeryon small Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). This new bundled option, available for both the Aeryon Scout™ and Aeryon SkyRanger™, is designed for any application that requires survey-grade accuracy orthomosaics, Digital Surface Models (DSMs) and point clouds from aerial or oblique imagery - and seamless integration with GIS, CAD, and traditional photogrammetry software.

Aeryon Map Edition includes:

*Aeryon Scout or Aeryon SkyRanger sUAS

*Integrated imaging payload for image capture (according to sUAS model)

*Pix4Dmapper software to enable field and office image processing, including integrated tools for 3D output visualization and editing

"Aeryon is excited to support the new Pix4Dmapper software. Enhanced image processing and support for 3D visualization and editing add compelling functionality for our customers" explains Ian McDonald, VP Product & Marketing. "The new Map Edition bundles for the Aeryon Scout and Aeryon SkyRanger provide even more value by including the new Pix4Dmapper software. Aeryon Map Editions are a complete, easy-to-use, integrated survey and GIS solution for a wide range of commercial, public safety, and military applications."

Pix4Dmapper aerial image processing software produces geo-referenced orthmosaics, DSMs and point clouds with survey-grade accuracy. The software includes innovative and fully integrated editing tools. Annotated objects and results can be seamlessly imported into any GIS or CAD software. Pix4Dmapper includes the rayCloud, an innovative concept combining the 3D point cloud with the original images for easy viewing as well as highly accurate semantic annotation and project improvement.

Pix4Dmapper's automated workflow is intuitive and easy to use, and enables users to:

*Have full control over all tie points, calibration and results

*View, assess, edit and interpret results directly in the software

*Annotate and measure objects with the highest accuracy

*Use annotations to reprocess projects to improve the overall project accuracy

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About Aeryon Labs Inc.
Aeryon Labs is the small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) provider at the center of major world events and international media stories. A recognized technology and industry leader, Aeryon Labs is the trusted partner of civil and military customers, resellers, and other commercial business partners around the globe. Aeryon Labs is a Canadian Controlled Private Company with headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Field-tested and battle-proven, Aeryon sUAS set the standard for immediate aerial intelligence gathering by anyone, anywhere, at anytime, for a wide range of military, public safety and commercial applications. For more information visit:

Media Contact: Aeryon Labs Inc., media(at)aeryon(dot)com | +1 519-489-6726 x360

About Pix4D
With over ten years of leading scientific research and founded in 2011, Pix4D has become the main provider and industry standard for professional unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) processing software. Started as a spin‐off of the EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fdrale de Lausanne) Computer Vision Lab in Switzerland, Pix4D is a dynamic and rapidly expanding company. The company has grown from three people in 2011 to six people in 2012 to twenty‐five people today and has its offices at EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Pix4D's latest software package, Pix4Dmapper, introduces the rayCloud, a ground‐breaking concept of multi‐ray photogrammetry. The rayCloud is combining the 3D point cloud with the original input images for easy viewing as well as highly accurate semantic annotation and project improvement.

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