Autonomous Solutions, Inc. Announces Forecast Reseller Agreement with AutonomouStuff

AutonomouStuff will now be an authorized reseller of the Forecast 3D laser system.

Petersboro, UT March 10, 2014

Autonomous Solutions, Inc. (ASI) is pleased to announce a reseller agreement with AutonomouStuff for the Forecast 3D laser system.

Primarily developed by ASI as an obstacle detection solution, Forecast is a sensor-agnostic, vertically spinning unit comprised of both hardware and software components. The unique vertical spinning function converts a two-dimensional LiDAR sensor into a three-dimensional sensor that maps the space around a robotic vehicle, yields a cost map or point cloud, and performs rudimentary obstacle detection functions. The unit is a major part of ASI's Vantage obstacle detection and avoidance system and improves safety and precision in mining, farming, and military environments.

Illinois-based AutonomouStuff is an international supplier of sensors and components commonly used for robotic vehicle applications including autonomous driving, AGV, UAV, obstacle detection, collision avoidance, intersection safety, tolling, and terrain mapping.

"We felt that the offerings and clientele of AutonomouStuff were very good fits for us," said Jared Pratt, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at ASI. "Forecast has great potential to improve safety in a lot of industries, and we get excited for any opportunity we have to get more units in the field. We're thrilled to work with AutonomouStuff to make this happen."

Forecast is already available for online price inquiries at

About ASI

For more than 13 years, ASI has been a world leader in unmanned ground vehicle systems. From their northern Utah headquarters, ASI serves clients in the mining, agriculture, automotive, military, and manufacturing industries with robotic solutions ranging from driver assistance to full, multi-vehicle autonomy. ASI's world-class engineering staff is dedicated to the ideals of innovation, safety, simplicity, and quality.

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