TRINAMIC Launches MOSFET Product Line for Stepper Motors

Matched MOSFETs Complement Popular Pre-Driver ICs for High Current Motor Applications

Hamburg, Germany (10 March 2014)-TRINAMIC Motion Control, a leading global developer of motor and motion control technologies, announced a line of discrete MOSFET integrated circuits specifically designed to complement the company's popular motor drive pre-driver ICs. The new full- and half-bridge MOSFET packages are ideal for driving stepper motors that require peak coil currents between 2.5A and 5A, at voltages between 30V and 60V.

Matched with TRINAMIC's popular TMC262 stepper driver, the new MOSFETs are perfectly suited for motors sized between NEMA 24 and 34, which typically deliver from 1.1 to 4.4 ft.-lbs. of torque. TRINAMIC's MOSFETs and pre-driver IC have been carefully designed and matched to deliver minimal power and heat dissipation, enabling designers to achieve highly concise PCB designs.

"TRINAMIC offers a full line of stepper motor driver ICs with integrated MOSFETs that are suitable for currents up to 2A peak or motors up to NEMA 23," explained Michael Randt, TRINAMIC's CEO and founder. "Our customers asked us for a complete solution for larger motors and higher torques, so we developed a comprehensive line of pre-matched and pre-qualified discrete MOSFET bridges where higher voltage and coil currents are required."

TRINAMIC's discrete MOSFETs use CMOS technology, with RDS (on) figures between 40 and 70 milliohms. This compares with integrated driver IC MOSFETs that require the use of BCDMOS technology, which results in typical RDS (on) figures between 200 and 600 milliohms. Consequently, integrated driver/MOSFET combinations are only suitable for relatively low current ranges, while discrete MOSFET motor drives can support much higher voltage/current combinations.

The superior RDS (on) performance of discrete MOSFETs delivers considerably better power efficiency and lower heat dissipation. And by partitioning the motor pre-driver and power MOSFET bridges into discrete components, designers enjoy greater flexibility in board layout to satisfy both space constraints and power dissipation requirements. TRINAMIC offers several proven layouts that minimize board space and heat dissipation.

Pricing and Availability

TRINAMIC's MOSFET products are sold as a comprehensive motor drive bundle, complete with a TMC262 pre-driver IC and 2 full- or 4 half-bridge MOSFETs.

The TMC1340 is a full-bridge MOSFET rated for 3.0/ 4.2A (rms/peak) at 30V, available in a 5x6mm SO8 package. Complete motor drive bundles, including a TMC262 pre-driver and 2 full-bridge MOSFETs, are priced at USD 3.17 in 10K quantities.

The TMC1320 is a half-bridge MOSFET rated for 3.0/4.2A (rms/peak) at 30V, available in a 3x3mm PQFN package. Complete motor drive bundles, including a TMC262 pre-driver and 4 half-bridge MOSFETs, are priced at USD 3.20 in 10K quantities.

The TMC1420 is a half-bridge MOSFET rated for 3.5/5.0A (rms/peak) at 40V, available in a 5x6mm PQFN package Complete motor drive bundles, including a TMC262 pre-driver and 4 half-bridge MOSFETs, are priced at USD 3.56 in 10K quantities.

The TMC1620 is a half-bridge MOSFET rated for 3.5/5.0A (rms/peak) at 60V, available in a 6.5x10mm TO-252-4L package. Complete motor drive bundles, including a TMC262 pre-driver and 4 half-bridge MOSFETs, are priced at USD 3.75 in 10K quantities.

TRINAMIC will be publicly demonstrating its new MOSFET product line at the 'electronica China' international trade fair, Shanghai New International Expo Center, March 18-20.

Based in Hamburg, Germany, privately-held TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH & Co. KG is a recognized global leader in motor and motion control technologies. Leveraging its extensive portfolio of internally developed IP, TRINAMIC motor control products emphasize efficiency, quality and ease-of-use.

The company sells ICs, modules and integrated mechatronics to market leading manufacturers worldwide. The company's products have been integrated into a wide range of applications in biotechnology, lab automation, materials handling, CCTV and factory automation. More information about TRINAMIC can be obtained on the company website:

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