Be Awesome! Support Team 6412 on Kickstarter as They Explore New Ways to Raise Funds for the High School Robotics Program

Kickstarter is a unique way for high school robotics programs to raise awareness and funds.

Lincoln, NE April 04, 2014

HuskrBot is a robotics team. They Design - Build - Program - & Compete in the national FIRST Tech Challenge series. Team 6412 consists of the top achievers in their respective high schools. These are the students that are taking ALL diff classes, are one or two grades ahead in math, will be taking Biology, Chemistry and Physics while in high school and have a 4.8 GPA out of a 4.0 scale. They are also just a bit board with their classes. Enter the robotics program. Here they master this process of Design - Build - Program - Compete with this years FIRST Tech Challenge, Block Party. They are also taking advantage of the new ways to raise funds for equipment like Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a crowd funding phenom for bringing to life films, art, technology, and robots, by people just like you. Their website states over $1 billion in funding and over 59,000 projects since 2009.

Kickstarter page - Team 6412

Team HuskrBot was created in 2011 and competed in the Ring it Up challenge. The team is based out of NCEE Labs in Lincoln Nebraska and is considered one of the first Nebraskan teams. Two of last year's team members are on this year's team competing in the Block Party Challenge: Charlie and Max. This year's new team members, Andrew, Tristan, and Riley, all amazing programmers enabled Team 6412 to progress in the Design - Build - Program process much quicker than last year. Ben, Max, and Charlie designed and refined the physical aspects of the robot leading to competing in the final rounds in two consecutive tournaments.

While this year's competitions are coming to a close, Team 6412 is already thinking of next years competition and a little summer project - A quad copter with a GO Pro camera so they can film their robot in action from any angle. Not bad for a group of high school students attending public schools.

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