Exciting new developments in machine tool CNC hardware and software technology will be demonstrated by NUM at IMTS.

Naperville, IL, June 10, 2014 --- Exciting new developments in machine tool CNC hardware and software technology will be demonstrated by NUM at IMTS. Highlights will include a highly cost-effective dual channel CNC kernel for designers of small to medium size machines with up to five axes, a functional safety architecture that can easily be scaled to suit any type of machine, and new grinding software for complex geometry tools.

Forming the latest addition to NUM's market-leading Flexium+ CNC platform, the dual channel Flexium+ 8 CNC kernel provides an exceptionally high level of control flexibility. At any time, either CNC channel can be used to control a spindle motor and four simultaneously interpolated axes - and control can be passed on-the-fly from one channel to the other. This simplifies the design of complex machines with multiple synchronization requirements, such as thread or gear cutters, and in many cases eliminates the need for a second CNC kernel.

NUM will also be providing software demonstrations of complete conversational and cycle solutions developed specifically for the North American market. Based on Flexium+ systems, these include solutions for gear hobbing, shaping and grinding, OD/ID grinding and metal spinning.

The functional safety architecture, known as NUMSAFE, is compatible with all NUM Flexium+ CNC systems. It provides machine builders with a highly flexible means of implementing functional safety functions and can be scaled to suit almost any type of machine tool, regardless of complexity or the number of axes. Key benefits include minimal additional hardware and wiring - the safety PLC and safety I/O modules can be contained within the same standard terminal as other elements of the control system - and simple software development using the same powerful tools that are used to commission the CNC, PLC, drives and I/O modules.

For the first time in the USA, NUM will be showing the new version of its market-leading NUMROTO tool grinding software, which now includes functions for complex geometry tools such as multi-helical end mills with variable width flute areas. In addition, the software now accommodates several new types of gash out on drills and form cutters, allowing the grinding wheel to follow the tool's ballnose- or corner-radius in order to create a defined rake angle along the radius and the gash out. The software's integrated automatic product documentation function has also been enhanced so that it can import detailed views from the Flexium 3D simulator, to create extremely realistic drawings of the tool.

NUM's booth - E-5135 - is located in the East Building at McCormick Place

Featured Product

IntervalZero’s RTX64

IntervalZero's RTX64

RTX64 turns the Microsoft 64-bit Windows operating system into a Real-time operating system (RTOS). RTX64 enhances Windows by providing hard real-time and control capabilities to a general purpose operating system that is familiar to both developers and end users. RTX64 consists of a separate real-time subsystem (RTSS) that schedules and controls all RTSS applications independently of Windows.RTX64 is a key component of the IntervalZero RTOS Platform that comprises x86 and x64 multicore multiprocessors, Windows, and real-time Ethernet (e.g. EtherCAT or PROFINET) to outperform real-time hardware such as DSPs and radically reduce the development costs for systems that require determinism or hard real-time.