Famic Technologies Delivers the "New" Automation Studio With Improved Features & Enhanced Performance

The Most Complete Simulation Software Edition Leading the Industry Today

Montréal, Québec, Canada June 19, 2014

Famic Technologies today announced an array of new feature innovations and enhanced design and functionalities unmatched in the simulation solution software industry for teaching and training all project/machine technologies including hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical systems and HMI. Automation Studio™, Version 6.1 offers the most complete design and simulation software in the industry today.

Charbel Nasr, President of Famic Technologies, explains, "We are very excited to deliver the new Automation Studio™ Version 6.1; it outpaces the competition with its intuitive features, totally new concepts, and improved functionalities, which are exclusive to Automation Studio™ and which meets and exceeds the needs for technical teaching and corporate training industries."

Mr. Nasr continues, "Automation Studio™ Version 6.1 showcases our commitment to thousands of schools and technical training centers worldwide who need to present more content in less time and improve students understanding of concepts and diagnosis capabilities quickly. Version 6.1 also provides schools, colleges, universities and corporate training centers an optimal return on investment."

Product Introduction Sheet

A unique combination of user-friendly system design features, advanced engineering capabilities, dynamic and realistic simulation, comprehensive animation features in one common environment.

The new functions and features of this new version include:

*Complete Redesign
*New User Interface
*2D-3D HMI
* Mechanical Links
* Sizing Sheets
* Troubleshooting Module
* Virtual Systems
* Virtual Instruments: Multimeter, Hydraulic Tester, Oscilloscope, etc.
* Teachware
* Hydraulic Manufacturers Catalogues
* Teachware Creation Environment
* And more!

Discover why Automation Studio™ 6.1 goes beyond the traditional environments by offering support for teaching and training methodologies.

Teachware & Creating Teachware

Course material is available for each technology. It provides teachers and trainers with the essentials for preparing course curriculum. Automation Studio™ 6.1 offers guides, manuals, lectures, videos and lab notes for all levels of discipline. Unlike other teachware made using multimedia sequences, course content offered by Automation Studio™ 6.1 is interactive and animated live by the software simulation. Teachers can modify this content using Automation Studio™ 6.1 to better fit their needs.

The Creating Teachware module allows defining interactive activities for existing projects and connecting them to other applications. It also can automate repetitive tasks without programming knowledge.

3D HMI Editor & Mechanical Links

Automation Studio™ 6.1 includes a 3D editor for creating and importing 3D parts in STEP, STL and IGES. It is possible to visualize, simulate and animate them, simultaneously, with the technologies that drive the system.
Using the Mechanism Manager, mechanical bodies can be linked to Fluid Power actuators to simulate and animate their effects.

Manufacturers Catalogues

Automation Studio™ 6.1 is the only software solution offering teachers and students an expansive library with thousands of preconfigured components reproducing real world functionalities.

Save time with ready-to-use components from renowned manufacturers.

Component options management

Circuits created with manufacturers parameters

Instant access to updated versions

Each component has been carefully and rigorously bench tested within Automation Studio™ 6.1 to ensure that the simulation meets a manufacturers typical application and performance specifications. The virtual test benches provided also help understanding the components behaviour and validate product selection.

About Famic Technologies

Founded in 1986, Famic Technologies offers a full range of quality products and services in the fields of software engineering and industrial automation. It develops, integrates and markets CAD and simulation software solutions for electrical, hydraulics, pneumatics, automation and controls applications which support design, operations, management and training. Famic Technologies provides innovative software solutions to help engineers, maintenance personnel and trainers substantially increase their efficiency in systems design, maintenance and training. Since January 2012, Famic Technologies has opened a sales and support office in Germany to better serve customers needs in Europe, and a new office has opened as well in India. http://www.famictech.com

About Automation Studio™

Automation Studio™ 6.1 is a leading software solution developed by Famic Technologies that helps reduce machine time-to-market and optimizes the entire workflow of a project or product lifecycle. It seamlessly integrates system design engineering, simulation, prototyping, testing, troubleshooting, diagnostics, maintenance, service, training, and documentation, and is offered in 7 languages. Automation Studio™ 6.1 is among the most complete trade-oriented system design and simulation software solutions in the fields of fluid power, electrical and automation.

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