Humanistic Robotics Mine and IED Roller Featured on Oshkosh's TerraMaxTM Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) at Eurosatory 2014

HRI Enhances the Capability of Vehicles Used in Places Where Mines and IEDs are Prevalent

PHILADELPHIA--Humanistic Robotics, Inc., a robotics and technology innovator dedicated to making the world safer through engineering and design, spent five days at Eurosatory on Oshkoshs M-ATV equipped with TerraMaxTM UGV, highlighting HRIs roller capabilities in various types of terrain and scenarios. The roller-UGV combination ran twice daily in the outdoor live demonstration area, where it exhibited its versatility in front of thousands of attendees from 88 countries.

Known for its innovative, user-centered approach, HRI developed its mine rollers with funding from the US Army and has now deployed them in multiple locations across Africa and the Middle East. From commercial oil and gas development, to peacekeeping missions and army engineering missions worldwide, the need for mine and IED rollers is rising.

"We're honored that Oshkosh, one of the most respected companies in this field, chose to feature an HRI roller to help demonstrate the wide range of capabilities of their TerraMaxTM UGV," said Samuel Reeves, Co-Founder and CEO, HRI. "Oshkosh having enough confidence to be associated with HRI in this public forum shows we are speaking to the needs of the industry."

Rollers are used to combat landmines and IEDs, which are unfortunately becoming more common in current conflicts worldwide. The goal of the roller is to protect the personnel traveling in a convoy, a goal in perfect alignment with the objectives of Oshkoshs TerraMax™ System. After testing that pushed HRI rollers to the limits, Oshkosh determined them to be a useful tool for unmanned convoy missions and the right fit for Eurosatory.

Dedicated to making the world safer with technology, the need for HRI's services continues to grow. "In the past, landmine clearance was thought of as a niche capability for army engineers. But, as asymmetric warfare has continued to grow, countermine/IED strategy is increasingly important and we are perfectly positioned to meet the need," said Josh Koplin, CTO of HRI. "Our rollers are practical, require very low maintenance and turn the economics of mine clearance on its head by creating an organic service and support capability for our users allowing them to build, operate and maintain their fleet without any help from us."

With millions of mines in more than 60 countries, ease of use and maintenance are critical. HRIs rollers lead in accuracy, effectiveness and safety, and offer a radical simplicity that enables users to replace most parts in minutes without the need for a maintenance depot. Moreover, regardless of the undulations in the ground, HRI delivers great results because the roller is calibrated to always exert the threshold ground force requirement even on very difficult roads.

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