Schunk - Standardized Long-Stroke Gripper with CFC Housing

The gripper weight has been reduced by 40%.

The standardized CGH light-weight gripper is the result of modern simulation methods, intensive test series, and economic manufacturing processes. The long-stroke gripper benefits from the specific material characteristics of CFC: Its E-value is four times higher, and its tensile force is twice as high as aluminum. The gripper weight has been reduced by 40%.

In order to take complete advantage of the composite fiber technology, and to ensure stability of the gripper, the gripper housing has been manufactured according to specific stress requirements, using the RTM process. The result is a light, yet sturdy gripper, which has a correspondingly torsional stiffness. At a weight of 11.7 kg, the CGH has a gripping force of 2.500 N, and a variable stroke per gripper finger of up to 160 mm. The gripper can handle workpieces up to 12.8 kg. The decoupled re-circulating ball carriages ensure that the acting moments will be evenly distributed so that about 90% of the used energy is on the finger of the gripper. By varying the quantity and distance of the guide carriages, the module can be adjusted to the individual load.

For high gripping forces, or very long fingers, the distance between the carriages can be increased. This makes it possible to use fingers with a length of more than 1.000 mm, and approximately the same clamping forces will act along the whole finger length. To increase the gripper's efficiency, the stroke can be scaled by adjusting the damped end positions.

The positions "open" and "closed" are adjusted according to the requirements, and the complete cylinder does not have to be aerated and de-aerated at every cycle. This minimizes cycle times, and also reduces compressed air consumption. The toothed belt-drive synchronizes the fingers and ensures that the gripper works precisely in case of varying strokes, where small and big components can be alternately handled. Various robots can be directly adapted using an ISO flange.

SCHUNK is the worldwide competence leader for clamping technology and gripping systems. Totaling more than 60 years of experience, SCHUNK is a family owned operation and a global player in one. For more information, visit

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