Robots, Remote-Controlled Machines and Autonomous Vehicles – Spotlight on Forest of the Future at the 2015 Forest Machine Technology Conference

Forest Machine Technology Conference (FMTC) will be showcasing all this April 21-23, 2015 in Montreal.

Montréal, October 28, 2014 - Robotics, automation, telematics and autonomous vehicles. These advanced technologies might soon be found in the forest and thereby make it possible to provide forest workers with a safer, more efficient work environment. Organized by FPInnovations and its collaborators, the Forest Machine Technology Conference (FMTC) will be showcasing all this April 21-23, 2015 in Montreal. The FMTC will be bringing together stakeholders in the forest industry and other sectors in order to define the challenges of using advanced technologies in the forest, present the technological potential in other sectors and encourage new partnerships as well as initiatives in R&D.

"The forest of the future already exists, when we think of drones that are used for forest inventories. As the forest industry develops, it is necessary to assess and implement new technological solutions," stated Pierre Lapointe, President and Chief Executive Officer of FPInnovations. "This conference will emphasize on advanced technologies in terms of productivity and sustainability for the forest industry," added Mr. Lapointe.

The conference participants will have the chance to listen to forest industry leaders in Canada and Brazil, major manufacturers of international forest machinery and a variety of keynote speakers from various circles related to the design of forest equipment. The FMTC will also feature technical presentations, technological forums, booths of various advanced technology providers, working groups and presentations of technical and scientific posters.

The FMTC is intended for managers of companies in the forest industry, equipment manufacturers, supply chain managers, technology providers in the forest sector and other sectors, members and partners of Unmanned Systems Canada as well as universities and R&D institutions interested in shaping a vision for the future.
For people interested in contributing toward developing a vision for the future in the forest industry, registration has now begun and early bird rates are being offered until January 15, 2015. To view the program, register and obtain more information on the conference:

About FPInnovations FPInnovations is a not-for-profit world leader in research and development that specializes in the creation of scientific solutions in support of the Canadian forest sectors global competitiveness and responds to the priority needs of its industry members and government partners. It is ideally positioned to perform research, innovate and deliver state-of-the-art solutions for every area of the sectors value chain, from forest operations to consumer and industrial products. FPInnovations staff numbers more than 525, including at its R&D laboratories located in Quebec City, Montreal and Vancouver and its technology transfer offices across Canada. For more information about FPInnovations, visit:

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