Pack Expo - Universal Robotics Introduces Affordable 3D Vision Package

Spatial Vision Robotics 4.2 at Pack Expo 2014

Universal Robotics, the leader in 3D robotic vision and machine learning, announced a 3D vision guidance package based on their innovative Spatial Vision Robotics software, version 4.2. The software is a general-purpose real-time 3D vision guidance system that works with all major brands of robots. New features include a wider range of sensor choices, faster processing time, and ability to compare barcodes with a database. The product enables robots to perform at maximum speed while providing accurate 3D locations for every move. The 3D vision package, starting at $24,900, includes the software, sensor and industrial PC needed for robotic applications such as depalletizing, box moving, random bin picking, and part induction.

Robust and Easy 3D Vision Guidance for Robots

""As a software company, Universal designed Spatial Vision to function with every major brand of sensor, camera, or robot. Universal works with each customer to determine the best hardware for the job." stated Hob Wubbena, Vice President at Universal Robotics.

Universals Spatial Vision Robotics software calibrates sensors with robots, provides image processing, and delivers the position and pose of an object in up to six degrees of freedom (X, Y, Z, yaw, pitch, roll). Communication to PLCs, robots, and other devices is via Ethernet-based protocols. It also includes a wide range of 2.5D algorithms (double layers) and 2D pattern matching tools (single layer). Other key features include:

*Software accurate to 1/10th of a pixel, with total 3D accuracy dependent on 3D sensors chosen
*Identification of objects up to 42" any dimension; field of view up to 48" x 42" x 72" high
*3D surface matching from 3D point cloud for partially-viewed objects
*3D shape matching for rigid objects

Designed as 3D from Beginning, Not Incrementally Added to a 2D DIY Kit

According to David Peters, CEO of Universal Robotics, "Universal has spent years perfecting Spatial Vision Robotics. Unlike the competition, we include configuration by our experts to ensure success. This allows us to include a wide range of advanced vision algorithms not available in solutions that have been simplified for the Do-It-Yourself engineer."

The first version was introduced four years ago. It was developed with a team of PhD vision and machine learning experts, building on an invention from NASA. The software includes algorithms that have been tested in thousands of applications around the world.

Affordable 3D with Guaranteed Results

The 3D Spatial Vision Robotics package starts at $24,900 USD. The package includes a Spatial Vision Robotics software license, pre-configured with either the 3D Carton Recognition Module (box moving) or the 3D Complex Recognition Module (bin picking); an IP 50 rated 2.0 MP camera with a time-of-flight sensor, a fanless industrial PC which can be panel mounted, and six hours of engineering with guaranteed results.

About Universal Robotics
Universal Robotics is a software engineering company that creates state-of-the-art machine intelligence with multi-dimensional sensing and motion control to expand the reach of automation for a host of applications, making machines more flexible and providing learning from big data.

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