Sierra-Olympic Launches New Commerce Website for Low-Cost OEM, Security, and Laboratory Thermal IR Imagers

• High-resolution and affordable infrared (IR) thermal cameras are available for easy online purchase.

Nov. 4, 2014 - Hood River, OR - Sierra-Olympic Technologies, supplier of infrared (IR) and thermal imaging components, cameras, and systems solutions for advanced imaging applications, launches a new commerce website offering high-resolution, high-value advanced thermal cameras for purchase online. Customers now may directly purchase high-performance, value-priced thermal imagers designed for OEM, security/surveillance, and laboratory thermal imaging applications.

Sierra-Olympics' new website features a special commerce module where customers may, analyze, select, and purchase infrared cameras instantly. The company has distributed many of the most advanced thermal imaging technologies for virtually every market since 1995; its full line of products is featured on the website.

Charley Gilbert, director of sales for Sierra-Olympic notes, "We are very excited to offer this unique online opportunity for OEMs, systems integrators, and end-users who need an easy way to buy a thermal infrared camera. Customer behavior is migrating to web-based sales across the board. With new value-price IR cameras available online, thermal imaging customers can now experience an efficient, seamless purchasing process. Our new commerce website makes it easy to compare and purchase from the convenience of your office or your mobile devices."

Thermal imagers and accessories available online include DRS Technologies' Tamarisk 320 and 640 OEM cores, DRS' Watchmaster IP Elite 3000 and 6000 thermal systems, and the Watchmaster IP Ultra 3000 and 6000, for surveillance and security. Also available for online purchases are Sierra Olympics' OEM core Camera Link thermal imagers, the Viento 320 (320 x 240 at 60 Hz and 9 Hz) and the Viento 640 (640 x 480 at 30 Hz and 9 Hz), ideal for laboratory use.

All cameras offered for sale are controlled under Department of Commerce rules. Extensive safeguards are in place to strictly comply with U.S. export laws. Pre-qualified and validated customers can order and receive most in-stock cameras overnight, if desired. To order advanced IR thermal technology cameras and accessories online, go to:

Sierra-Olympic Technologies, Inc. (Hood River, Oregon, experts in thermal imaging technology, provides cameras, components, and systems solutions for infrared camera users and integrators. Client companies and product lines include DRS-RSTA's line of thermal OEM cores and surveillance products, Sensors Unlimited - UTC Aerospace Systems' shortwave infrared (SWIR) cameras, Jenoptik's thermography cameras, IRCameras, LLC's thermal imaging scientific cameras, and Alticam's gyro-stabilized imaging payloads for small to medium unmanned aircraft (UAS) systems. SOTI also offers full engineering services and support to provide modifications to meet custom requirements.

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