Robotics Take Center Stage at HAXLR8R's Fifth Demo Day Where Ten New Hardware Startups Announced Their Products

New Hardware Products Span Markets Such as Wearables, Security and Synbio in HAXLR8Rs Latest Batch of Startups

SAN FRANCISCO--Last night, 10 new hardware companies revealed their products at HAXLR8Rs fifth Demo Day in San Francisco. Each company completed the 111-day accelerator program in Shenzhen, China where they had access to expert support in design and manufacturing, more than 50 experienced mentors, seed funding, and office space that includes an equipped workshop. Shenzhen is home to the worlds best components market and supply chain for electronics. Watch the recorded live demos at

"Connected hardware is creating a new industrial revolution. Instead of the iconic jetpack of vintage science fiction, the future involves low-cost automation, innovative sensors, connectivity and communities built around physical objects," said Cyril Ebersweiler, founder of HAXLR8R and venture partner at SOSventures. "This fifth batch combines expertise in robotics, AI, nanotechnology and biology to create not only groundbreaking but affordable and delightful products."

In just three years, HAXLR8R has accelerated 50 hardware startups. The fifth class includes:

*Clarity - Know what you breathe!
Clarity is the world's first wearable air quality monitor. Created for China, India and other polluted places, Clarity helps users make smarter decisions with real-time updates on the air around you. The crowd-sourced data will generate the world's most detailed pollution maps (Like Waze for air quality).

*Form - Because peace of mind at home shouldn't have to involve cameras
Form is introducing Point, a softer approach to home security. Point listens to the sounds of your home, senses what is in the air and alerts you if anything is wrong. It tells you about the things you care about most, like windows breaking, alarms going off or the presence of smoke. Point gives you comfort in knowing that all is fine when you are away—without cameras or complex security systems. Form was started by a Scandinavian team with Apple tenure. Form is now on Kickstarter.

*KATIA - Kick Ass Trainable Intelligent Arm
KATIA brings the functionality of an industrial robotic arm to mainstream consumers. She can be trained by touch without programming and runs on an open source platform that can be extended by developers.

*Keyi: A modular robot from the future
The Cell Robot is an amazing modular and mobile robotic toy and platform. If robots laid eggs, that would be CELL.

*Linkitz: Kids want wearables too!
Linkitz is the friendship bracelet for the digital age that is colorful, modular, smart and social. Linkitz can be personalized with unique light patterns and sounds using simple programming.

*OpenTrons - The world needs a better way to build biotech
Whether its a team making glowing plants that light up a room, a company growing animal-free leather in test tubes or a global network of researchers developing cancer drugs in their garages, OpenTrons empowers people to make biotech. OpenTrons will have the same effect on biotech innovation as the 3D printer did on product design—making biotech faster, cheaper and available to anyone. OpenTrons is now on Kickstarter.

*Petronics - Cats need a toy as smart as they are
Indoor cats have a natural instinct to hunt that cannot be fulfilled by any cat toy available today. With sensors, actuators and artificial intelligence, Mousr is the only robotic cat toy that can see and react to a cat like a real animal would. Think of him like Pinky, but with a brain. Petronics is now on Kickstarter.

*Prynt - Turn your smartphone into an instant camera
Prynt is a case for smartphones that prints pictures instantly. Users can also access memories such as movies, gifs or secret texts by scanning their Prynt photos with the app.

*Robo - It's never too early to learn robotics
Robo is the easiest educational toy for kids to awaken their interest in logic, programming and robotics. Use Robo's modular elements and app to build a robot.

*Voltera - Making electronic circuits is now as simple as clicking "print"
Voltera's circuit board printer cuts hardware development time from months to days. By using conductive ink technology the printer can create prototype boards in the time it takes to go get lunch.

HAXLR8R is currently taking applications for its sixth class until November 15. Apply at

Founded in 2011, HAXLR8R ("Hack-celerator") is a mentor-driven seed accelerator designed to identify, invest in and support entrepreneurs who are solving world issues by blending hardware and software technologies. HAXLR8R selects the best companies from around the world to take place in a 111-day intensive "lean hardware approach" program, which is based in the mecca of electronics: Shenzhen, China. To date, HAXLR8R has accelerated 50 companies and is considered to be the trailblazer for the 'hardware renaissance'. HAXLR8Rs headquarter is in Shenzhens Huaqiangbei. For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter @haxlr8r #HAX and follow the HAXLR8R companies on Kickstarter

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