Trending Shelf-Ready Packaging Relies on Mosca S-ATRS to Get to Market

Shelf-Ready Packaging, (synonymous with Retail-Ready) is trending for many retailers, including discount clubs. Merchandise in Shelf-Ready Packaging (SRP) is easier to ship, display and sell. But, the small production runs of wildly diversified products have to get to manufacturers first. Mosca's Model S-ATRS for bundling cartons has proved to be a reliable and cost effective design with surprising throughput potential.

Hazle Township, PA November 19, 2014

Shelf-Ready Packaging, (synonymous with Retail-Ready) is trending for many retailers, including discount clubs, for good reason. Merchandise in Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) is easier to ship, display and sell.

According to Mike Shaw, EAM-Moscas operations director who has years of experience in the corrugated industry, "Manufacturers have experienced a trend toward SRP because retail vendors see it as an easier way to display products and restock shelves. This also allows manufacturers and retailers to create pallet sized displays that can be placed in aisle ways to create additional temporary shelf space. Corrugated materials are ideal for SRP as they are easy to procure and easy to recycle. Ive seen sophisticated designs with full-color graphics and intricate perforations, as well as simple tray and lid styles. What Shaw has also seen is an increase in orders for a specific Mosca strapping system.

SRP options are endless: Floor Displays, End-Caps - those attention grabbing displays at the end of a retail aisle that encourage impulse spending; and Counter and Shelf Displays. Whatever the design, SRP can impact brand awareness and help with a marketing message; and, there is no need for unpacking and stocking merchandise when it arrives ready to display.

While Corrugators are enjoying the uptick in SRP sales, bundling all these units together was catching some off-guard. How do you bundle small production runs of wildly diversified products?

Mosca has long offered a strapping system designed to work behind specialty folder-gluers that features a quick set-up design for product changes. Model S-ATRS increases the output of operator assisted bundling of limited-quantity, high-speed production runs - a perfect fit for SRP bundles.

The S-ATRS is designed to receive the shingled output of a folder-gluer, in this case, SRP, on a pneumatic stacking table. The system operator gathers the proper number of SRPs from the product stream to form a bundle. An air table makes it easier to move the bundle, especially larger units, and a sturdy wall opposite the operator allows him to square its sides. The operator then pushes the bundle into the strapping station where it is compressed, squared in the travel direction by an acrylic glass backstop, and strapped by the Mosca side seal strapping machine. An S-ATRS can apply one or two straps per bundle to secure even the most unstable stacks. The strapper itself features Mosca's proven DC brushless direct drives for the strap feed, tensioning and sealer cycles; and uses a thermostatically controlled heat seal system for reliable strap sealing in any environment.

There have been numerous other solutions offered to the industry over the years, from automatic stacking systems to robotic solutions, but the Mosca S-ATRS has thrived because of its versatility, cost effective design and surprising throughput potential. Now with the SRP trend in full bloom, it is more relevant than ever.

The S-ATRS can strap 10-20 SRP bundles/minute with 5mm polypropylene strapping. The side-mounted head eliminates debris and glue from clogging the sealing area, minimizing maintenance. The systems operator controls are simple and straightforward pushbuttons; a single hand-wheel adjusts the position of the bundle stop and squaring bar assembly for quick size changes.

According to Shaw, ‘The increased demand for the S-ATRS model proves the versatility of the system. While Mosca has recently introduced several new innovative designs for other markets, the S-ATRS is thriving because it excels at what it does.

For more information about the S-ATRS visit EAM-Moscas website.

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